5 key takeaways from Olivia Wilde “Don’t Worry Darling” interview with Stephen Colbert

Director and actress Olivia Wilde attempts to clear the air regarding her Don’t Worry Darling movie in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert interview a day before launch.

The upcoming movie, Don’t Worry Darling, has had a lot of fans worried after several rumors spilled concerning the stars featuring in it. From Harry Styles allegedly spitting on Chris Pine to Olivia Wilde and actress Florence Pugh having a beef and even the controversial departure of Shia LaBeouf.

In a sit-down with Stephen Colbert, host of the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Olivia Wilde attempted to put the rumors to rest. We have read different takes on the interviews and have managed to sum everything up into five key points.

5 key takeaways from Olivia Wilde Don’t Worry Darling interview with Stephen Colbert

1. Why Olivia Wilde let Shia LaBeouf go

Following the revelation that actor Shia LaBeouf was leaving the film in September, after being announced as part of the cast in April, several theories sprung up. Initially, LaBeouf claimed that he left the movie because of a scheduling conflict, an excuse he continues to stick to almost two years later. However, there were claims that he had been behaving inappropriately on set and was frequently clashing with both cast and crew members. To buttress this fact, director Olivia Wilde told Stephen Colbert in their interview that Shia LaBeouf and co-star Florence Pugh could not agree on many things.

Eventually, she had to choose one and let the other go because they could not move forward together. She then added that she was glad about her decision, given the revelations about him that came out later that year. Likely, Wilde was referring to the abuse lawsuit by LaBeouf’s ex-girlfriend and other accusations that surfaced after. Note that Netflix also removed the actor from its awards campaign for Pieces of a Woman that year.

2. Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine

At the Venice International Film Festival premiere of Don’t Worry Darling in early September, co-stars Chris Pine and Harry Styles were embroiled in a controversy after a viral video seemed to capture Styles spitting on Pine as he tried to take his seat.

While Chris Pine’s spokesperson has tried to shut down the controversy, it is still a hot talking point. Likely, it is why Stephen Colbert asked the film’s director again about the incident. Olivia Wilde, speaking on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert firmly said that Harry Styles did not spit on Chris Pine. Instead, she said it is one example of people looking for drama where there was none.

3. Olivia Wilde beef with Florence Pugh

It is ridiculous that people are spreading rumors about a possible beef between Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh without proof. And Wilde moved to quickly end the stories. She said she had nothing but respect for the actress and had no reason to hold a grudge against her.

Likely, the rumor began after Pugh chose to sit out the press conference at the Venice International Film Festival premiere. However, the movie’s director gave the excuse that Florence was on set for her role in the sequel of the Dune movie. Although, Colbert did point out that there was a leaked photograph purportedly showing Pugh drinking wine on that same day.

4. Sexist nature of Don’t Worry Darling controversies

Towards the end of the interview, Wilde was getting tired of putting down one rumor after another, and she pretty much said so. She also hinted that the attention that the project is getting is for the wrong reasons and does not sit well with her.

“I think what’s funny is like, I don’t feel like my male director colleagues are answering questions about their cast,” she blurted out. “They’re praised for being tyrannical. They can be investigated time and time again, it still doesn’t overtake conversations of their actual talent or about the film themselves. This is something we’ve come to expect. It is just very different standards that are created for women and men in the world at large.” – Quoted from a New York Post article.

5. Strictly on-screen release

For those who are not willing to leave their homes on Friday when Don’t Worry Darling releases, you will not be able to watch it on small screen. The director reiterated that the movie will be released only in cinemas. However, it could be on HBO Max within 45 days of its release, if WarnerMedia stick to the release schedule it published back in 2021 but with the streaming platform now under the management of Warner Bros. Discovery, the plans may have changed.

Don’t Worry Darling is a psychological thriller based on a young couple living in a mysterious town. When the wife (played by Florence Pugh) begins investigating their life and the company her husband (Harry Styles) works for, their previously perfectly happy life starts to get ugly real. See its trailer here:

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