Employee Tracking System Here’s What You Should Look into Before Subscribing to One

Employee tracking systems are used to monitor employees’ activities in the ever-changing world of remote work and ensure productivity.

As organizations and the global work population change, remote working is becoming a new trend. However, it has some challenges organizations must deal with. These challenges include reducing productivity as employees become less responsible due to a lack of monitoring. Therefore, organizations need a suitable means to track employees and monitor their activities.  

Managers need to track employees, teams, and productivity to ensure they operate according to the business needs and objectives. The employee tracking system is necessary for the company to maintain productivity despite the employees working out of the company premises. Here are some factors to focus on when selecting a tracking system.  

Features of the employee tracking system 

The monitoring software should have other features such as advanced time and attendance systems. These features can monitor the duration employees spend on the work systems and network. It should also monitor how long the laptops are operating vs. the company’s duration. It should generate the list of employees who met the required timing, those who passed the target, and those who underperformed. This will help the company organize rewards and punishments where necessary.  

In cloud web services

Since the system aims to monitor remote employees, the software should be virtual. It needs to store the collected data in the cloud to enable the top organization managers to monitor the systems virtually. The cloud systems also allow third parties, such as the vendors, to monitor the system. It should also be based on the on-premise software. It should be compatible with the organization’s software to ensure it monitors its real-time data. 

Features of the employee tracking system 
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Data Analytics 

The system should have the best data analytics software to generate reports that top managers use for decision-making. The data analytics should focus on key objectives such as generating reports on the time employees spend on the system, the duration when they are least and most active, and the most used systems.  

Real-time monitoring system

Real-time monitoring systems should ensure they collect appropriate data when the employees are active, what they are doing and when they are inactive. It should collect the real-time data, remit it to the storage systems immediately and provide possible responses. For instance, it should update employees and management about productivity.  

It should update the organization about employee productivity hours and email employees daily, weekly, or monthly about their productive durations. It should help the employees monitor their productive durations and how long they spend on the work systems and software.  

Privacy and data safety

You must observe employees’ privacy and data safety rules when monitoring them. Privacy is also critical according to data privacy and laws. Therefore, the employees should understand this software’s existence and activities.  

Equally, you must ensure that the installed program does not record the employees’ activities or capture the employees’ videos and images. Instead of capturing the videos and images, it should capture the screenshots and monitor the screens to indicate the time employees are on the laptops. 

The software also needs to collect data from the employee computers. Therefore, you should ensure data encryption and utilize passwords to protect stored data. You also implement different data access levels. The software should also abide by the HIPAA data protection rules. 

The key security features include the encryption of the local data, secure data transmission and connection, password and encrypted database, different data access levels, and other security features.  

Features of the employee tracking system 
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Organization goals and objectives 

A good system should help the organization maintain its goals and objectives. It should help the organization meet goals related to different departments, such as human resources and operations. For example, if the department aims to ensure the employees work for about 8 hours daily, the installed software should focus on monitoring the time on the screen. The software should focus on issues such as using the laptop timer to monitor employees’ time on the work network and how long the laptop was active vs. asleep. The software should also monitor the application and network they are using.  

You also need to ensure the vendor selected abides by the organization’s transparency rules. The vendor must have the proper licenses with no court cases or accusations of misusing the collected data. The goals will shape the area of focus when installing the software. It will also focus on the ideal technologies and features to add to the system and what types of data to collect.  

The goals will also determine the system’s benefits to the organization. The anticipated benefits of the system include promoting productivity by ensuring employees work the required duration. The system should help the organization save money and provide the best data and resources to save time and boost decision-making.  

Ease of use and customization 

The software should be user-friendly and ensure the organization’s employees, i.e., the IT teams can easily use the system. The organization’s employees should be able to customize the software to achieve the organization’s objectives and goals. The employees should also be able to customize the system to meet all the organization’s goals and objectives.  


The type of employee tracking system you collect should focus on critical factors. It should focus on meeting the organizational goals and objectives, such as boosting productive time and profits. The system should prioritize data security, privacy, and safety of users, employees, and collected data. The IT departments should easily customize the system according to its needs and ensure it has the right features. 

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