The Effects of Social Media and Technology On Our Health

What are the effects of social media and technology on our health? Here are some of the important factors you may have been overlooking.

The question is how technology affects our age and health. Nowadays, every person uses technology and it has effects on our health and ultimately on our age. Technology has positive effects on our body and age, but there are some negative effects of technology on our health. The research indicates people using social media and mobile phones may have shown uneven psychological and physical issues. When you are using the DOB calculator, then you would find that your physiological appearance may depict your actual age. When such people calculate age, they look older than their actual age due to lack of activity and obesity. 

Technology has affected them badly, such people may show more serious health problems like depression, anxiety, and diabetes. Problems like eye strain and difficulty focusing on a particular task are the most common. The other thing which hurts them badly is lack of physical activity and they become obese and which may cause many diseases like heart problems, and diabetes. Technology has impacted the health of teenage people, as they love to see movies deep into the night. This can disturb the sleeping partners and they become patients of anxiety and depression due to sleepless nights.

We are discussing the various problems caused by technology in modern-day people.

Isolation of a person

Effects of technology on our health
Workplace isolation could be a negative effect of technology on our health. Image Source: Insperity

Modern-day technologies like social media and mobile phones are actually not bringing people together. It causes Isolation between the people, the people using mobile phones and social media longer become addicted to it. They want to use mobile phones and social media in Isolation so nobody can disturb them. This can cause various health-related problems like eye strain, headaches, and sleeping problems. This also makes them look like elderly people due to Isolation and lack of physical activity. The DOB calculator indicates these people are not as older as their physical appearance reflects.

A teenager thinking how old am I to become isolated from society and to become less active. Such behavior may lead to different kinds of physiological effects like depression and anxiety as you are not willing to mix up with others. The age calculator shows such teenagers may look like elderly people due to Isolation and the lack of activity. The isolation may be a cause of depression and anxiety in people as they are going to fight their problems alone. This is the main reason the Physician does recommend avoiding Isolation for a person. 

Depression and anxiety problems

Research has shown that depression and anxiety problem is increasing and one of the reasons is the overuse of social media. People using mobile phones and social media to see various disturbing movies and the news all the time may be a victim of depression and anxiety. The age in months calculator describes such a person may look older than their actual age. The main reason behind their health is the overuse of social media and mobile phones. They are prone to damaging images and news all the time, and this has disturbed their metabolic rates. 

The lack of physical activity has caused depression and anxiety in their life. The age calculator shows that such persons are becoming older before their natural degradation. When you are a prolonged patient of anxiety and depression it would normally become impossible for you to avoid fatal diseases like blood pressure and hypertension. This can be a problem to live a happy and better life. Depression is a cause of many diseases in a person and they may be a victim of diabetes the age calculator indicates they are older as compared to their actual biological age. The main reason behind their older age is prolonged depression and anxiety.

Sleeping problem

3 negative effects of technology on our health
Technology could cause sleeping problems. Image Source: Sleep Foundation

When you are using technology too close to your bedtime, it may cause sleeping problems. Such people may become older due to lack of sleep, the age calculator may be indicating such persons are looking too old as compared to their actual age. This effect is called the blue light effect, and the light from cell phones, e-readers, and computers may affect the sleeping pattern of our brains. The blue light may cause difficulty in sleeping and you may feel it is just too difficult to get a quality lap. This makes you look older and sleepy all the time, you may wonder how to calculate your age.

The age calculator is easy to use and you need to enter your exact date of birth into it. When you have sleeping problems, you may see you are getting older quickly and your skin would become rough. The lack of quality sleep may lead to serious problems like diabetes and cardiovascular issues. The prolonged chronic sleeping problems may be dangerous for our health and we can be an easy victims of anxiety and depression, trying to use the technology in a way that does not harm our health. People do forget the importance of better and quality sleep, as when you are able to enjoy a better quality lap, you feel relaxed and happy. Your body metabolism works at a better rate and you feel healthy during the daytime.

Final thoughts

There may be negative effects of technology on our health, especially if not used properly. The age calculator may show we look like an elderly person as compared to our actual age due to overuse of technology. The main reason behind negative effects of technology on our health is that we are using it too much or irregularly. People using the technology too much may face a lack of quality sleep and as a result, they feel anxiety and depression. Chronic sleep issues may lead to diabetes and cardiovascular problems. So there should be a place for when we are using technology. Overuse can be fatal for our health and we may face serious consequences for our health. We need to use technology in ways that don’t harm our health, and we can benefit from the technology. The technology can cause great harm to a person’s health and age. 

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