All You Need to Know B2B Pricing Strategy

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If you want your business to grow bigger, you need to come off of customer selling. Buyer-to-buyer selling is the key to take your business to the next level. However, doing so is not that easy. You cannot just try to find the other businessmen and start selling your products to them. You have to plan a complete pricing strategy before trying to go for B2B selling.

B2B pricing strategies vary from business to business. If you are doing a software business, you have to go for a B2B SaaS pricing strategy. Wait a minute, don’t you know what a pricing strategy is? Here find everything you need to know about B2B pricing strategy.

What is a Pricing Strategy?

A pricing strategy is all about setting the best price for your products keeping all things in your mind. It is very important in B2B selling to have a strong pricing strategy. In B2B deals, buyers will always look for relatively less expensive products. This is because they have to further sell these products and keep their profit. So, you need to develop a solid pricing strategy to offer the best prices to buyers and attract them.

Models of B2B Pricing Strategies

There are four main models of B2B strategies. Let’s discuss them one by one to figure out which is going to suit you the most.

B2B Flat Rate Pricing Model

This model is all about fixing the prices of your products. You have to fix the price of every single product for B2B dealings and then sell them at this price. This will help you to better communicate with clients and sell your products. However, this will not allow you to increase your revenues with time. It will impact the sales of your products as well. Some clients will feel the price is high and for some clients, it will be low. It only suits businesses with small revenue and a fixed number of products.

B2B Tiered Pricing Model

This strategy model is all about segmentation of your products and their pricing. You all know quantity is one of the major factors in B2B selling. Therefore you need to set different prices for different quantities of products. Offer discounts and some offers on large quantities of products. This will definitely encourage your clients to go for more products to avail of the discounts.

This strategy will work best if you have a large stock of specific products. Category control of products is going to play a major role in this pricing model.

B2B Dynamic Pricing Model

It does not have any concept of fixed pricing for your products. You have to start the project with minimum profits and offer the best prices to your clients. This will make them your regular client and they start knowing you in the market. After that, you have to gradually increase the price of your products along with your profit and the quantity of products you sell.

You keep on growing your profit, and revenues at the same time with every sales execution. If you can change the flexibility of your business when needed, then it’s the best strategy to follow for you. It will give rise to large revenue in a shorter duration.

B2B Lead Generation Pricing Model

This is the only pricing strategy that focuses on service-providing businesses instead of product selling. It depends upon the marketing prices for different services. There are various parameters used in this strategy. These may be PPC, PPL, or PPCALL.

You need to combine all these parameters in appropriate ways. This will determine the best upcoming prices to satisfy your customers. Brainshark competitors have brought a lot of sales enablement tools that have features to help you in pricing strategies. Choose one of them for proper handling of your B2B pricing strategy.

Benefits of B2B Pricing Strategy

Here are the key benefits of B2B pricing strategy.

  • Improved profit
  • Targeting good paying customers
  • Maximizing the Sales of your company
  • Helps in dealing with economic instabilities


Now you have to choose the best tool like content camel to assist you in setting and managing a pricing strategy for your B2B dealings. You have to make certain amendments to the basic four models to bring the best strategy for your business.

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