An Ultimate Guide of RAM for Gaming PC

The RAM or memory of your gaming PC is one of the most important specs to check before buying one, here is a guide to follow.

Unarguably, memory is significant for gaming devices that need to get a realistic experience in their game. During a game session, if your system responds late or too much slow, it probably needs more memory. Having massive memory in your gameplay is suggested if you wish to play uninterruptedly during high performance. Besides, gamers can get the advantage of super-fast downloading. Hold on, wear WileyX glasses to prevent digital eye strain that can lead to a hazard situation for the eyes.

Come to the point means RAM that can enhance the overall gaming experience because the system gives a quick response. Fast game downloading increase frame rates. Well, the actual amount of PC memory depends on what type of game you are playing. But memory mustn’t be the only factor to consider to enhance the gaming experience. Besides, SSD, graphic card, CPU, and operating system also have significant role in a gaming experience.

What Type of Game Do You Want to Play?

How much memory your system requires for playing? But it depends on which game you are interested to play and how much that game has intensity. Some games can give the best playing experience with 2 to 4GB. But some games like PUBG need 6 to 8GB of memory. To sustain a good frame rate per second and a smooth gaming experience, you should use the memory card more than recommendation.

Best Suggestion for Gaming Memory

Numerous games suggest 16GB memory for high speed and excellent performance in gameplay. Having such a RAM rate on your PC will transform your gameplay and remove all shuttering issues. However, 8GB of memory is a good point to start games. If you want to play high landscape games, they indicate that you need more RAM on your PC to run them smoothly. On the other hand, for playing edited recorded gameplay, you might need 32GB.

How Does Memory Work?

RAM means random access memory is the short memory of a computer holds data temporarily that your system requires to approach. On the other hand, SSD memory is a long term where data is gathered permanently. When you add a game to your system, all relevant information will your system requirements to approach during game loading on your system RAM. Continually fetching data from SSD is slower and ineffective. RAM is faster, thus reading and loading the game fast.

How Much RAM Require for Your Gaming PC?

The decision of RAM really relies on the games you wish to play because every game has a different memory requirement. For some games, it is necessary to read the recommendation of developers for a specific system. You will get an exact idea.

It is necessary to get efficient memory for every game because, without the right RAM, your PC cannot store enough data for gameplay. It will lead lagging frame and unsatisfactory performance. Wear your anti-fog safety glasses because there are some best suggestions on how much RAM is essential for your gaming PC.

  • 4GB memory was more than enough a couple of years before. But with the development of complicated games, 4GB became useless. Old gaming can run efficiently with 4GB, but it is good to install 8GB to extend gameplay. Therefore, many games like Minecraft, GTA 5, and many more are still playing with 4GB memory, but it affects their overall performance.
  • 8Gb RAM is the minimum requirement of all gaming devices because the gamer can play almost all newly launched games without interruption. But few games cannot play at high quality, and you may require to close some applications. For example, Fortnite, warcraft, rainbow 6, and a few others can only play with 8GB of memory.
  • 16 GB is most suggesting RAM to play almost all games and will give the best performance than 8GB. Besides, you can also run other applications in the background because it will impact gameplay. Some games like PUBG are suggested to play with 16GB of memory.
  • 32 GB RAM is the most demanding memory among all gamers, and a high frame rate is a significant reason for this memory. With 32 GB RAM on your PC, the graphics of your gameplay will boost up, while several applications like Spotify or Chrome can run in the background of your system. But if you have no more budget to use 32GB in your system to play different games, it would be better to use 16GB. But you can observe significant performance advantages with 32 GB RAM. Besides, 32 GB RAM is suitable for the future while launching the latest release games that need RAM.

Which RAM Is Right for Your Gaming PC?

Perhaps, you are not using a gaming system for gaming requirements. What ideal memory for different systems? Let’s understand this difference.

  • Tablets or tabs are not ideal for high-level games. Perhaps, a tablet can be perfect for managing a lot of activities. Keep remembering that 1 GB RAM is a minimum requirement for tablets. Besides, RAM for e-books cannot exceed more than 4GB. For playing games, digital media, or video streaming Netflix, you may require 8GB RAM.
  • Laptops are a good option for adjusting different RAM because gamers can play high-quality games. However, 4GB RAM is enough for your system if you don’t need to purchase a laptop due to budget issues. But if you are excited to play games, the 8GB option is more than enough for the gaming experience. Or even you can use other combinations like AMD GPU with 8GB.
  • Desktops computers for games should have 8Gb. If your system has less than 8GB of RAM, it will seriously affect the game because the computer continuously draws and collects data even if a game is also running in your system.


How much RAM you require depends on what type of game you wish to play. Besides, what applications do you need to run in your background while playing a game? However, some people can use 8GB RAM to play a game, but 16GB will boost up gaming experience if you wish to play the latest games and need to shut off other tasks. On the other hand, 32GB RAM is much more, but the real difference will improve the frame rate. And you will understand the madness of enthusiast gamers why they spend a heavy amount to get 32GB RAM on their PC. Thus, if your system is more than gameplay, 32 GB RAM is the most suitable option for you.

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