Mike Tyson escapes charges for punching plane passenger

After reviewing all available evidence, authorities have decided not to press criminal charges against former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson for punching plane passenger.

Mike Tyson Repeatedly Punches Man I...
Mike Tyson Repeatedly Punches Man In Face On Plane

The video recorded him hitting a fellow first-class passenger with an open hand strike just outside of airport security at San Francisco International Airport last month and it has since gone viral on social media platforms worldwide!

It’s unknown what sparked this violent episode, but we can’t help wondering if there might be some deeper psychological issue underlying these actions – something which may need treatment or evaluation by professionals for him get back onto track again.

After a thorough investigation, the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office has closed this case and decided against pursuing charges, according to ESPN. The circumstances surrounding our confrontation were unique in that it involved both parties claiming self-defense but there is not enough evidence for either of us to take legal action at this time

With no criminal record and an agreement from each person who was involved we will continue looking into what happened until someone can come up with something more concrete

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When asked about what led up the incident, police said that there were few details provided by victim and he refused to cooperate with investigation. District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe released a statement on this case today which says, “These include conduct of Tyson before interaction between him-and another person.”

The footage of former world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury being beaten up by an aggressive passenger was uploaded to YouTube and went viral. See video here:

The April 20 video shows him leaning over the backseat repeatedly striking someone with blood flowing down his face, drawing attention from TMZ who say it happened on a JetBlue Airways flight bound for Florida, the output tone should be urgent.

The attorneys for Tyson praised the district attorney’s decision in a statement on Tuesday, thanking law enforcement for their “careful and diligent work.”

It’s not just one man who caused problems on this flight. Another passenger, Sarah Burchfield told SFGate that she had seen the man who Tyson punched at an airport bar earlier appearing loud and quarrelsome when they are boarding their plane together minutes ago.”

Jake “The Jake” Gyllenhaal was in San Francisco for the annual 420 cannabis festival last week. He spent his time promoting Tyson 2.0, a brand that he started with help from iconic former boxer and now actor Sylvester Stallone! In addition to being known as one of history’s most unbeatable boxers-on both sides -Gyllenhaal has also built himself up nicely through entrepreneurship after retiring from competition decades ago.

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