What’s New In YouTube Updates?

See four new YouTube updates you should know in 2022 and how it will improve your experience on the platform.

YouTube is no doubt the most popular second search engine. It is used by almost everyone around the world. To enhance its user’s experience YouTube keeps on updating its features. In one of its features, you will find that YouTube will show users the most popular part before they watch. As some users make longer videos this will help your subscribers to get a preview of the video and help you grow YouTube channel. So to know more about new updates keep on reading!

# Feature No. 1: The Most Replayed

The most replayed feature is only available to users who have a YouTube premium subscription. For this, you have to subscribe to the YouTube premium and can access the latest feature. It is also announced that this feature will also be available for free users. You will be able to use this on your mobile, or desktop whether it’s android or iOS.

How Most Replayed Features Work?

The feature shows the graph of the video which part is played the most. This will help users to watch the most interesting part quickly. The creators of the video whose videos are longer divided into segments. They also mention the parts with the link in the video description. So this feature helps you to directly point out the part of the video of the tutorial which you want to play. Additionally, YouTube users can also see the grey graph which you can play through the red playback bar. It is also said that the thumbnail over the progress bar will also send a notification to the users who have hit the segment that has been played most of the time.

Other amazing YouTube updates and features!

# Feature No. 2: The YouTube Chapter Tool

In May 2022 the chapter tool was launched by YouTube for gaming consoles and smart TVs. It helps the user to watch the videos which they need to watch. These chapters are named “sections”. So when you are watching a video, you can easily skip the section which you want to watch later. YouTube claims that this feature has been added by about 20 million users since launch.

# Feature No. 3: The Single Loop

Google has announced that YouTube will develop a feature named “Single Loop”. In this new process, YouTube plans to provide a new way for full-length videos. This new method will allow you to watch the completed video instead of continuing with the same video again and again. You can use this feature from the same menu from which you adjust the quality of the video, caption on/off, and other features.

# Feature No. 4: Changes To Full-Screen Mode

The full-screen mode of YouTube comes with some new changes. Google has added some new features to this Full-Screen Mode. In this new system, you can see the video description, comments, and chapters. You are also allowed to access the quick action buttons which are share, comment, like, dislike, and other playlists directly from the full-screen mode.

To Wrap Up!

Apart from the above-mentioned feature, YouTube will keep on updating and engaging its users with new and amazing features. Now, your work is to make cool and interesting YouTube videos and engage more users towards your channel. You can also buy real YouTube subscribers for your YouTube channel.

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