How to create popular GIFs

Visual media has proliferated the entertainment industry as well as most sectors in the corporate world. From images to videos and even media that is in between these two forms of visual graphics, GIFs. Creating and sharing GIFs has been realized to spark and express emotions between two friendly parties.

However, some GIF creators are even finding ways to make money through this form of visual media. How can you create popular GIFs that trend and can even possibly make a profit for you?

Using online visual resources

A significant portion of the most widely used GIFs was made from popular online resources. Those online resources entail visual media such as memes, popular videos, movies, and even celebrity runway images. Creating a popular GIF from an already famous character, movie scene, or YouTube video is very easy. All you need to do is find a GIF app that allows creators to make their own content.

Apps like Giphy allow creators to make their own content by simply pasting the URL of that image or video. Such GIFs are very versatile and can be used in a variety of situations, including in professional settings. By learning how to add GIF to emailbusinesses can enhance their marketing strategy. At the same time, using this type of media, even on internal company emails, can improve camaraderie and uplift the workforce’s spirits.

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Personalizing your GIF

On the other hand, you can create personalized GIFs that have the potential of being popular. Depending on the type you are going for, personal media such as images, videos, and so forth can be used. In that case, this media can be created in very simple steps using platforms used on a daily basis. For example, GIFs can be created using WhatsApp by either converting an image or video.

Alternatively, there are other apps that have other advanced features which can be used to make your GIFs even better. Regardless of the platform, you choose to use, a GIF is only good as its meaning or reference. If the responses or emotions depicted on it are relatable, the GIF can trend and become popular.

Adding filters

Filters and other visual elements can make GIFs seem much more interesting and that increases their popularity. There are a lot of filters that make a huge difference, including image or video color scheming filters. On the other hand, you can use moving stickers to enhance the reaction of your targeted audience.

One of the most underrated filters that you should pay close attention to is typography. Some GIFs need a fitting caption and it needs to be written using the perfect font. Depending on the purpose of the GIF, there are various fonts to choose from. These range from professional fonts to playful ones that can be used on humorous content.

Convert a custom SVG to a GIF

If you’ve got some graphic design skills, why not put them to use when creating a GIF? Using software like Adobe Illustrator, it is possible to create a vector image with a custom design or even a trace of an existing graphic. Instead of exporting it as an SVG file, use the GIF output feature. The vector image will then be sized and positioned perfectly for a GIF.

Remember that vector images are designed to be scalable, therefore ensure that the scale and ratio are best suited for mobile devices. This will ensure that any text on the image is readable and any important fine details appear on mobile devices since GIFs are mostly used on smartphones and tablets.

Create cinematic GIFs

Cinematic GIFs are gaining much popularity, especially in niches like travel, real estate, and others. By creating realistic cinematic visuals of a location, users might be prone to try and find out more about it. As a result, cinematic GIFs can be very useful in the marketing field in the respective industries. The art of creating cinematic visuals is taking realistic video clips of the location and its surroundings.

Try to make it as satisfying as possible. This can be done by making the GIF seem like a never ending loop. Using this technique captivates the audience and they start studying finer details of this form of media. The bottom line is that scrupulously studying the GIF can make the audience fall in love with it.


Creating popular GIFs is not as hard as it seems. You need to familiarize yourself with your chosen app and learn how to use the different filters. You can also choose between creating personalized GIFs or using preexisting content. Personalized ones can either be personal images and videos or a vector design. In either case, the font and caption also play a critical role, so ensure that these elements are fitting for the occasion.

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