What profoundly transformed entertainment education?

If you sit down and conduct an analysis on the various views and perspectives of different individuals on education, you will notice that most people think that it is steady and resistant to change. But if you analyze it using a keen eye, you will notice that education itself has undergone a lot of fundamental changes. The entertainment sector has witnessed vast changes in its structure and how it is presented to promote education. All these changes can be attributed to technology and innovation. It has seen that efficiency and productivity have thrived.

What is entertainment education and how does it work?

Entertainment education aims at achieving individual, community, institutional and societal changes through the formation, production, dispensation, and broadcasting procedure. Mostly, the content in this style of study is modified in such a way that it imparts but also provides an entertainment value. The main aim of integrating this kind of study in learning institutions is to make learning more enjoyable. Some arrangements of entertainment education in schools include museum displays, TV productions and films. Entertainment education can be used to discuss sensitive information like family planning, adult education, HIV, women’s rights, and many other contemporary adjusted topics. From the above, we can deduce that the internet has played an integral part in the transformation of entertainment education and helps students in advanced writing. Below are some transformations noted by a professional group of essay writers from AdvancedWriters.com, an academic writing service with experts.

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Through Television

This is a visual platform where waves are transformed electronically to bring pictures and videos to the end audience. It plays a great role in education. It is applied by individuals from diverse demographic backgrounds. Children can have their platform to learn about topics affecting them e.g., singing, learning numbers, potty training, games that suit them, and many other topics surrounding them. For adults, they can get information regarding massive topics from heath, travel, lifestyle, fashion, sports, religion, history, and many other topics. Nowadays, you do not need to own a TV to enjoy viewership, all you need is a smartphone and an internet connection for surfing live TV channels online. TV proves to be the best since it captures the attention of individuals involved through visualizing. If you throw in a little humor, you are good to go, as your audience will concentrate on the message you are conveying. Programs like soap operas that are fancied by a lot of people have been used since time immemorial for educational purposes. Some of them have helped fish out unfair social views of different people e.g., how a woman is viewed, sexuality, and many other topics. Academic writing services also can be of great help through the learning process.

Transformation Through Radio

Joan Young, a prolific writer, said that inspiration in the classroom explores minor yet high-impact alterations that teachers can make to change students’ daily school experience. Drawing from positive psychology research, as quoted by educator Joan Young, nurturing humor, mindfulness, resilience, inquisitiveness, and appreciation in the classroom allows students to learn from their mistakes, celebrate successes, and actively engage in learning. The radio has seen this objective achieved. It has provided a platform where information can be disseminated to a larger audience at a go.

Many people can easily access the radio, making it the best platform for education. In most developing countries, nationalists can access radio because it is considerably cheap and portable. Education through this media reaches a lot of people. All individuals within the lower socio-economic status can access it. If you wish to convey a message e.g., family planning, using the radio will be the best since almost everyone will be able to access your message. The other advantage it has is that it can be duplicated and used as a reference point or study tool in the future. Though it faces the challenge of the language barrier, to solve this, translations can be made to suit various individuals who share a homogenous language. Other students can also seek help from pro essay writers to simplify learning.

Through Music

The world is populated by a dense variety of music. Different people identify with different kinds of music. Some different identities of music are hip hop, RnB, rock, blues, classical, and reggae. All these genres identify with specific people. Artists use these songs to pass out messages to people regarding different topics.  Using an academic essay writing service is another method that can be integrated. Music is very appealing and the best way to make use of it is to ensure that people can learn from it.

A lot of artists have composed songs with educational values e.g., songs with pieces of advice on abstinence, s_xuality, consent, family squabbles, political views, health, and many other useful topics that cannot be discussed fully through other forms of communication. Music has also been used to educate the masses on pro-social issues affecting them. The advantage it has on other forms is that it sticks in the mind, rendering it a long-lasting form of education.

Through Print Media

Print media can be in various forms, short stories, novels, comic books, magazines, and gazettes. All these writings have been used to educate people on various topics affecting society. Some comic books have been used to entertain but also create an educational value e.g., in the Indian comic book by Amar Chura Kathi, he uses his book to address issues of ancient mythology with comic relief. Other countries use comic books to tell stories about their history.

Conveying messages in picture form makes them accessible and understandable to the intended audience. This has seen the upsurge of information architects who help to convey information appealingly. Celebrities have also seen education be transformed by producing feature stories that touch people’s hearts, conveying the message effectively. Students can contact the best essay writers to stand out in their education.

Final Words on entertainment education

Education has immensely changed for the greater good. Individuals are now embracing it as it is proven to be very effective for different demographic groups. It is through entertainment that individuals can fully conceptualize what is expected of them. Entertainment can be very amusing, thus it is an effective method that can be utilized during the education process. The use of entertainment yields both change and promises. Economic outcomes show that entertainment-education curricula can be commercially lucrative when production capital is obtainable. Research indicates that entertainment-education messages have produced quantifiable facts, attitudinal and behavioral variations in intended audiences.

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