Common Ways Businesses Utilize 3D Printers

While there have been some exciting breakthroughs in printing, none have been more impactful or caused as much intrigue as the introduction of 3D printing. Manufacturing and production practices have already been impacted by 3D printing technology. In addition to being fun, 3D printing can be very profitable, even for personal use. Here are some of the most common ways businesses utilize 3D printers!

Working Alongside Traditional Manufacturing Methods

While 3D printing has not completely replaced traditional production methods such as CNC machining, it has established a strong presence in the manufacturing business. When combined with traditional manufacturing, the result is stronger, more reliable parts. 3D printing is also being used by manufacturers to enable mass customization, expand design freedom, reduce assembly time, and function as a cost-effective low-volume production technique.

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3D Modeling

Creating, marketing, and teaching 3D design is one of the most beneficial ways for enterprises, hobbyists, and educational programs to use 3D printing. Allowing students to create and print their own products with a 3D printer helps them to gain first-hand knowledge of the 3D design and manufacturing process. These activities will undoubtedly contribute to future proficiency and reliance on this technology.

Rapid Prototyping

Businesses and consumers may design, test, edit, and manufacture full-scale models in days rather than weeks with 3D printing prototyping. Prototyping with traditional manufacturing processes can take weeks and incur large production costs due to the manual labor and high-cost tools required. 3D printing, on the other hand, enables corporations and individuals to swiftly build real models at a fraction of the cost.

Printing as a Service

The printing-as-a-service market for 3D printers is becoming more complex. For example, jewelry makers have turned to owners of 3D printers to produce and send their products to customers. This method helps them expand their businesses without sacrificing too much time. Outsourcing manufacturing to professionals using 3D printers is one of the easiest and most comfortable ways for independent tradespeople to expand without taking on additional overhead.

We hope this article on the common ways businesses utilize 3D printers has given you insight into how you can employ these machines in your daily business activities! If you are looking for more information on how people use 3D printing, be sure to look into how several major industries utilize this technology!

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