Adele 30 album reviews: is this her best project yet?

Adele has released 30, her 4th studio album, to critical and widespread acclaim, see a rundown of the project’s reviews. 

The new album was preceded by a single titled “Easy On Me,” released in October 2021.

It is not debatable that Adele Adkins is one of the best musicians, vocalists, and songwriters around, and the success of her works is enough testament. Every single one of her albums has been a hit, and if what people and critics are saying about 30 is to be taken for gospel, the “Set Fire To The Rain” singer has struck gold yet again.

According to its Wikipedia page, the album, which is inspired by her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki, sees Adele tackle the separation whilst discussing her motherhood and the scrutiny of fame.

The 12-tracker has been described as “a pop, jazz and soul album focusing on romantic but melancholic themes of heartache, acceptance, and hope.” Three weeks before its release, 30 surpassed Billie Elish’s Happier Than Ever album by breaking the Apple Music record for the most pre-added album ever on the streaming platform.

They say there is always an exception to a rule, and that is what Adele’s latest project seems to be to both the rules that nothing is ever perfect, and a thing can’t be liked by everyone, as the album has received nothing but high praise from all and sundry. In fact, word on the streets is that this may well be the singer’s magnum opus. If there are people who don’t like the album, they are not saying anything.

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Adele has been praised for her rawness, honesty, vocals, and dynamic nature of the body of work. Let’s take a look at some reactions to the album.

Music critics reviews

In his carefully written track-by-track tell-all review of the album, for Variety, Chris Willman brings to the fore every obvious and hidden quality it possesses. “… there’s a bracing maturity in these 12 tracks that’s more emotionally complex and intriguing than the rather more easy-to-follow woe of the preceding three collections,” he writes. “And although ’30’ is at times the rawest and most sobering of the records she’s made to date, it also manages conversely to be the most fun, in its emotionally rattling fashion…”

Alluding to the emotional wealth embedded in the body of work, Chris closes by suggesting that after listening to 30“it wouldn’t be a surprise if some family therapists could start getting voicemail messages that their services are no longer required.”

Rolling Stone is convinced 30 is Adele’s best work yet, and gave the album a 5-star rating, saying“Adele has never sounded more ferocious than she does on 30—more alive to her own feelings, more virtuosic at shaping them into songs in the key of her own damn life. It’s her toughest, most powerful album yet.”

John Pareles of The New York Times praises the artist in particular, submitting, “… Adele’s songs present her as her own target and her own unfinished self-improvement project. The album’s core style is secular gospel, with Adele’s voice gathering itself over hymnlike piano chords, seeking faith not in a higher power but in herself.”

“Meeting titanic expectations, this linear journey of the heart is Adele’s most cohesive statement to date, pairing her inimitable voice with a dozen engrossing vignettes, reminding us that all we can do is keep trying,” says All Music’s review.

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Audience reviews

They say “real recognize real,” and that seems to be the case, as industry colleague, Jojo, took to social media to applaud 30“After listening to Adele’s new album for the third time in a row, this is now an @Adele Stan account,” she tweeted“Pease respect my decisions at this time. I have never been married and yet I am feeling all the emotions of a divorce and life after love.”

@Stevensully99 tweeted“Ok I’m on my 4th listen of #Adele right now and it just keeps getting better. I was listening as I prepped my kitchen for cooking a pretty big meal tonight and the VIBES??? Immaculate.” What’s better than a meal seasoned with some sprinkles of Adele, huh?

Xavier (@xavier_blaq) particularly loved the dynamism of 30. “Like approximately half of the human population, I waited with bated breath for what Adele’s latest project would sound like. And 30 didn’t disappoint; in fact, it excelled. Adele’s vocal are as amazing as ever, but the musical variety here is done perfectly for Adele’s style,” he said on Twitter.

For Ma’Kkari Richardson, the album’s magic had more to do with the variety of genres it traversed. “I love the production/different influences in this album. I knew Adele was gonna sing down but Cry Your Heart out has a Reggae sound while Oh My God sounds like a Maroon 5 track and Hold On feels like Gospel. That gives me joy. Adele loves the music I love and it shows! #ADELE,” he declared. You could almost touch his excitement through those words.

What’s better than Adele? More Adele! 30 is so good, people are eager to purchase the Target deluxe version, which has three extra tracks. The album is a victory, and, as the urban saying goes, SHE ATE!


While we rave about how good this album is, it is imperative to not lose sight of how inspiring a story this all is. If 30 is indeed Adele’s best work yet — bearing in mind how great the previous three are — then, as long as one draws breath, greater heights are possible. Have you copped 30 yet? What are your thoughts on the almost hour-long album?

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