What boys want: 5 things girls do that guys love

What exactly do boys want? This is a question that has plagued many women for several years as they wonder what exactly it takes to impress men when it seems as if they are stoic and enigmatic.

A lot of factors shape what boys want in a girl, most importantly the society that we currently live in. Many seem to think it mostly lies in physical beauty, and while that is true to an extent, it is not completely accurate.

A lot of standards have been drawn up by the society through which people then look at each other, but at its core, humans, especially men, are very simple creatures.

Maybe there’s a man you want to impress, but no matter what you do, he never seems impressed. Now you’re thinking: “why is he so complicated? I wish I had a handbook so I could understand him”.

Contrary to everything you’ve been thinking about how strange men act and how no one ever knows what they want or what they’re thinking, they are not that hard to figure out.

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Just like with women, you just need to know a thing or two about what boys want and voila! you’ll discover that you’ll be able to understand guys just a little bit more.

To help you solve the puzzle that is men, here are five things that girls do that guys love.

What boys want: 5 things girls do that guys love

1. Show signs of intelligence

While many people think that men are obsessed with women’s physical features, this is simply not the case, at least not all the time.

What boys want is a woman who is intellectually capable. This doesn’t mean that you need to bury your head in books and start learning about world politics, art, and related topics, as this can easily get boring.

Instead, put more effort into ensuring that your conversation goes smoothly. Every man wants a woman who can hold a conversation. To leave a mark, try to tell some jokes during your conversation.

2. Wear a happy smile

Everyone loves someone with a positive disposition. If you’re not someone who normally smiles and laughs a lot, then you should put more effort into it.

Smiles improve the look of your face and softens people’s hearts towards you. Men love to see a smile on women’s faces.

A smile on your face softens your entire body and signifies that you’re easily approachable. Do it genuinely though, because men can spot fake laughter from a mile away.

3. Men love confident women

One thing that men absolutely love about women is confidence. You need to build your confidence both for yourself and for men to find you more attractive.

A self-confident woman knows her self-worth and this will, in turn, attract men to her. Men are attracted to and impressed by a woman with confidence. Some women are worried about their weight and this may affect how they see themselves. Fortunately, the Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic solves belly fat problems and helps you lose weight.

4. Ensure that you always smell good

One of the best ways to attract a guy is with the scent that you wear. There are specially designed perfumes that are made to attract the opposite sex.

Wear a unique scent that smells amazing and will announce your presence once you walk into a room.

This will draw attention to you and ensure that you leave an impression on him. Every time he smells that scent, you’ll always come to his mind.

What boys want: 5 things girls do that guys love

5. Guys love women who listen when they talk

To attract a guy, you must become someone who doesn’t hog the conversation and make it one-sided. While it’s true that guys love women who know how to hold their own during a conversation, guys don’t like a woman who spends all the time talking about herself.

Allow him to get some words in, both so that you can get some more information about him and so that he will see you as a considerate person who is mindful of others.


Next time you have to interact with a guy that you want more insight into, use these tips. Wow him with your intelligence—this doesn’t mean that you need to start reading all about world politics and whatnot.

Smile when you see each other, ensure that you always emit a positive vibe whenever you meet up. Also, don’t hog the conversation. When you do the above, you’ll notice that he will become less of a puzzle to you.

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