What are the Most Popular Video Games Developed in Canada?

Canada is one of the world’s leading countries in the global gaming industry, generating more than $4 billion in revenue each year with top video games.

The government has aimed to make the country a haven for developers, allowing some of the world’s biggest names to thrive.

Indeed, the North American nation is home to branches of some of the most outstanding studios in the business, including Rockstar and Ubisoft.

With so many amazing games coming out of Canada, it’s hard to narrow down what the best of all time are… However, there are a few titles and series that many people would agree to deserve mention.

Baldur’s Gate

The Baldur’s Gate series is one of the most influential fantasy role-playing offerings ever, and it brought to life the hugely popular concepts of Dungeons & Dragons in digital form.

The titles are set in the Forgotten Realms of the classic tabletop roleplaying game, and they have spawned various spinoffs. Several developers have worked on the titles over the years, but the titles from Canadian studio Overhaul Games are among a couple of the best.

The studio based in Edmonton, now known as Beamdog, developed Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition in 2012 and 2013, respectively. Part of the reason why the Baldur’s Gate titles have gone down in history is that they have always stayed relevant to other things that are going on in the popular culture.

They generally attract a niche crowd of fantasy fans but have some aspects that increase their global appeal.

A good example is the introduction of gambling tents within the games. The developers noticed that the online casino industry was blowing up and wanted to appeal to this crowd. This is a technique that developers often use, where they identify trends in popular culture and pounce on them.

It has been clear that gambling sites have been thriving in Canada for some time. This is highlighted by the myriad of highest payout online casino pages that display all the various offers available to players. These include deposit matches and free spins, enabling people to play for free before investing their money.

New sites keep cropping up, with Playerz Casino founded only a few months ago. This shows how the sector is growing rapidly in Canada. When playing the gambling tents in Baldur’s Gate, there’s no chance to win real money. Still, they are a good inclusion for anyone who enjoys classic card games and wants to amass some in-game currency.

Assassin’s Creed

There are few gamers out there who haven’t heard of or had some interaction with the Assassin’s Creed series over the years. The open-world stealth games are the flagship offerings of Ubisoft, and the company has placed a great deal of focus on them.

Ubisoft Montreal is the Canadian branch of the world-renowned studio, and it has played a pivotal role in creating some of the most popular games in the Assassin’s Creed series.

The most recent offering that assassin’s Creed Valhalla, a hugely popular Viking-themed option for the new generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The title was lauded by critics and garnered positive reviews from all the main game sites.

It was highly immersive and made players feel like they’d traveled back in time to become a Norse seafarer. It’s exciting to think where the series will go next, and Ubisoft Montreal is apparently working on a secret title currently known as Assassin’s Creed Project Hexe.

Company of Heroes

Canadian developers have been responsible for some of the longest-running series of all time, and Company of Heroes is another example of this. The franchise from Relic Entertainment began in 2006, and there have been five other games since then. The most recent is Company of Heroes 3, which will be released in November 2022.

The Vancouver developer used a real-time strategy concept for its war-themed titles, which has become a hugely popular mechanic for modern games in the mobile era. The original game was top-rated and met with strong reviews from all the major outlets.

It made sense for Relic entertainment to release sequels, which were also much-loved in the gaming community. It certainly seems that this series could continue indefinitely.

There are so many amazing and much-loved video games from Canada, and there will be many more in the future. This is thanks to the fact that the industry has been allowed to flourish in the country, and developers find it the perfect place to set up shop.

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