Everything about Iran cultural tours

If you are a traveler fond of history, marvelous architecture, aged art, and communicating with locals anywhere will satisfy you as Iran. It is a country with civilizations from 8 thousand years ago. There has been a variety of ethnic groups still living all together.

Iran’s cultural influence was so strong that even invading clans and groups had to adapt themselves to it after a time.

All of these led to a fascinating and various culture that has been reflected in Iranian architecture and art. Besides, it would be interesting to go throughout the whole country and see totally different cultures and customs.

Iran cultural tours

In this article, we are going to talk about the cultural features of Iran. So, you will get familiar with the places, regions, sites, and friendly attitudes of Iranians. It gives good hints about what awaits you in Iran destinations.

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Where Should You Start Iran Travel from?

Whether you are going to visit Iran by yourself or via an Iran tour, it is good to know about Iran’s main tourist route. This route includes several cities of Iran which are mostly in the central parts. It starts in Tehran, the capital, and is somehow at the center of the country.

The path, then, continues towards the south. Four or five cities are usually considered the must-visit places on this route. They are Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz, and sometimes Kerman.

Aside from Tehran which has become a city as modern as other great cities in the world, the route is the path to visiting historical and ancient Iran. This does not mean that Tehran has no background. Or, either the other cities are old under-facilitated locations.

Tehran has been Iran’s capital for about 200 years. Thus, there are definitely old places worth exploring. And to talk about Isfahan or Shiraz, they have saved their old settings while getting updated and modern. These cities are just different in their prevailing vibes. And, this is exactly what you are going to experience through your travel to Iran.

Why Is It Better to Travel with an Iran Travel Agency?

When we talk about Iran culture, it entails various layers of the Iranian lifestyle. It includes Persian-style architecture, different fields of art, the way of communication, diverse religions, local and national cuisine, etc.

Also, the way all these items have been intertwined with each other can tell many things. Being eager to understand any of these cultural segments, you need to have a deep study about them before your trip to Iran.

 Iran cultural tours

But is it possible? So, it would be one good decision to have someone by your side fluent enough in the cultural aspects of Iran. Thus, you would go directly to the gist of the untold stories and vibes of Iran’s destinations. Iran travel agencies have special itineraries for unfolding the cultural layers for travelers with different tastes.

What Should You Expect from an Iran Travel Agency?

Iran tour providers are acknowledged people interested in showing Iran’s beauties and realities to the others. They provide various plans to make wandering Iran for visitors wonderful. They know by experience what different travelers prefer.

Thus, you get a guide about the length of your trip, the budget you need to provide, the tips for applying for an Iran visa, your accommodations, and the places that would fit your taste well. They are the bridge of communication between you and the locals, especially in rather rural regions.

Even if you want to travel as a solo traveler or you prefer to visit Iran with a lower budget, you can still benefit from Iran travel agencies somehow. There are some services they provide for independent travelers that cost much less than taking an Iran tour.

What Are the Most Popular Iran Tour Packages?

Iran is mainly known for its ancient historical background. It is not a strange scene to see foreign tourists in Persepolis (Shiraz) or Naqshe-Jahan Square (Isfahan).

Yet, Iran is not just these old places. In addition to historical sites, Iran’s natural attractions are distinct and outstanding. Different mountain summits including Mount Damavand which is the highest peak in the Middle East, Iran’s deserts, jungles, and the magical islands of the Persian Gulf are among the places that anyone must see before death.

 Iran cultural tours

That is why Iran tour packages incorporate different categories. They are Iran cultural tours, Iran desert tours, and Iran hiking and trekking tours. The first type is a broader category that encompasses people and their lifestyles, either in the past or now. Desert and trekking tours would concentrate more on the nature of Iran, though you might face people briefly. It is you who decide to see which aspect of Iran.

Iran Cultural tour Packages

When you are in the old and lively bazaars of Iran, you can not help but astonish by the brilliant architecture of the place. A vast brick and covered structure not just for business and trading.

They are a collection of many Iranian cultural characters. There are wide and long corridors that branch into smaller ones. Shops of the same category in each hallway determine their name: the spices line, the shoe line, the textiles, or the culinary corridor.

Each one has its specific color and smell. There you can see the shopkeepers and the customers discussing the prices of the goods. Many passersby people are window shopping. Some corridors are for selling particular souvenirs of the city. There are hassles everywhere. The mosque is somewhere in the middle of the bazaar where the shopkeepers, the customers, and the window shoppers do their prayers or rest for a while. Then they go to eat in the expensive restaurants or at the cheap street foods booths.

These scenes are just a small part of Iran’s cultural tours. Via these tours, you will enjoy the harmony and spirits of old Iranian structures and buildings. Besides, you can follow a track of history in every step of your itinerary. You would eat Persian food in an Iranian style.

Even you may have a chance that an Iranian family hosts you at their house. This is just the exact form of diving into the deepest layers of Iranian culture. In case you travel to Iran on a special occasion like Nowruz (the Persian New year) or the rose water festival, you get an extra point to see more of Persian culture. In modern contexts such as Tehran, you can hang out with youths in the cafes.

And, in older locations like the 1000-year Fahadan in Yazd, you can drink a Yazdi coffee in a spirited city in the heart of the desert.

The coexistence of religions in different cities of the main route like Tehran, Isfahan, and Yazd is another fabulous point of Iranian culture. It is predicted for tourists to visit the great mosque of Isfahan and the Armenian neighborhood in the same city. The Zoroastrian active fire temple in Yazd is another attraction of this category.


Traveling alone or on a tour is something that you should decide about. In any case, you can benefit from an Iran travel agency company. If you choose to visit Iran on a tour, the travel agency would help you find out which type of tour fits you best. If you prefer entangling with people and surfing the cultural sites, Iran cultural tours would satisfy you. They are available as Iran private tours, luxury tours, small group tours, or tailor-made tours.

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