Fashion Friday: 30 hot Ankara styles for ladies

Ankara styles are unique clothing styles that African women like to dress in, sewing different styles to fit their body structure.

They can use Ankara to style dresses, skirt and tops, trousers, blazers, jackets, etc. Think the clothing and African women will make an Ankara style out of it. This is quite popular among Nigerian ladies who like to look classy at any event.

Nigerians, especially the women like Ankara styles peculiarly and the Ankara fabric used to make these styles has been and is still a trend in Nigeria.

So, are you looking for the hottest Ankara styles for Nigerian women? Or, African dresses for women? Well then, you have gotten to the right location.

As far as the latest women’s fashion in Nigeria and Africa is concerned right now, the Ankara fabric is constantly being transformed into amazing cuts that show class and high fashion taste.

Compiled in this article are different Ankara styles. Come along as we take you on a roller coastal ride, showing you the magic you can create using Ankara styles.

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History of Ankara fabrics

Are you surprised? Well, even Ankara fabrics have where they originated from. Everything on earth has an origin and Ankara fabrics boasts a rich history.

Many people don’t know the history of the African print – Ankara. There is a significance to the colours and the prints. African fabrics have bright colours, and patterns with rich designs that are hand-made which give us a sense of rich cultural meaning.

Is there more to know about African fabrics and why it is significant? Read to the end to find out more about it.

Traditionally, Ankara fabrics were worn for special occasions such as family reunions, weddings, and events. The Ankara fabric forms part of the African cultural identity and a symbol of cultural heritage in Africa.

Ankara is an African print, popularly known as Ankara in Nigeria. The print gained its popularity globally in 2010 however, it had been in existence as a trend in Africa for many years.

Ankara was originally manufactured by the Dutch for the Indonesian textile market, but the prints gained significantly more interest in West African countries because of the tribal-like patterns.

For this sole reason, the company shifted its focus from the Indonesian market which it was originally intended for, to the African market.

Ankara was formerly known as Dutch wax print by African Print Dutch Company Vlisco. Now, whether it is referred to as Dutch wax print, Veritable Java Print, real English wax, Veritable Dutch hollandaise, Guaranteed Dutch Java, African wrappers, or even as its popular Nigerian name, Aso Ebi, it still speaks of the same thing – Ankara fabric.

The material is made of 100% cotton fabric with vibrant patterns and is made through a wax-resistant dyeing technique often termed batik.

It could be that one reason Ankara is very likeable is its vast variety of unique styles. Also, it fits all body sizes and can be worn for various occasions or events from informal, casual to formal settings.

Ankara can be tweaked into any style unique to your taste. Here are some varieties to which Ankara fabric can be tweaked below:

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Ankara gown styles for parties and events

Below, you will find the choicest Ankara gown styles dresses for African women. These beautiful Ankara gowns can be rocked to any event or party. So, if you have any party to attend where you plan to steal the show, you might want to try out one of these latest Ankara styles.

Ankara styles

This is the exact look you would want to rock for your traditional wedding. It’s your wedding and looking your best is not up for negotiations. This look is the perfect look for the day.

Ankara styles

This style here is the perfect definition of simple but classy. Elegant as a matter of fact. The fabric is so fitting. This dress when worn can give those rich aunty vibes that are the current rave of the moment.

Who says you can’t cover up and still slay? Let them come out to see this style and remain silent on this topic forever because you can be completely covered and still have eyes turn when you walk into that event centre with this dress on.

Now, this Ankara gown is officially the life of that party of event you are thinking of attending. Styling yourself in this dress leaves a lasting statement. From the stylish cut of two different fabrics to the combination to make the two look like obs, who wouldn’t be swept away by how fashionable this dress looks?

If you have never worn an Ankara fabric to the club, then you are missing. This simple Ankara style can be rocked at the club. So, just in case you’re thinking of what to rock to the club this weekend, you might want to try out this gorgeous dress.

This is the perfect dress to rock for wedding ceremonies. The only challenge is that we wouldn’t want you stealing the show of the bride.

Ankara tops and skirts styles

Hot Ankara styles in tops and skirts are one fashion essentials that should never be found missing in a lady’s wardrobe. Below are some of the fashionable top and skirts you can find around.

This Ankara blouse and skirt can also put a smile like this on your face.

Styles in this Ankara skirt and blouse, you definitely can’t get it wrong. This long skirt and adorable blouse can be worn for any event if choice. This could be used for a meeting or a party.

This body piece leaves the exact statement you want it to leave. The blouse makes a loud statement with the shape of the arm.

Who says you can’t get a mini skirt and blouse with Ankara fabric? Ankara styles in blouse and skirts are everything and more.

Still being a doubting Thomas? This Ankara goodness is everything and more.

If you love to go with a mini skirt and a top that is a little revealing, well Ankara styles have the capacity large enough to accommodate your desires. See this goodness up there? This can be worn for a casual meeting or a dinner date.

Are you aware that there are Ankara styles that can be rocked to the beach? Well, let this beauty fill you in and change your mindset. This lovely Zinzi skirt is a must-have.

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Ankara style for corporate wears

Yes, you can get really stylish corporate wears with Ankara fabrics. Let’s take a look at some of them.

This look gives you that no-nonsense sophisticated boss looks you crave for. And surprisingly, it is made with Ankara fabric. Or, maybe not so surprising.

Having an important board meeting at work and desiring to make a lasting statement while looking simple? Then this Ankara style is for you.

The simple dress allows you to show a little skin at your neck and collar bone region, which yells confidence. The simplicity of the dress is just top-notch.

The style of this Ankara fabric is one that I have come to fall in love with at first sight. If you are interested in leaving a statement like me, then this is the dress for you.

This style is the definition of sexy with class. Although the dress is not revealing, it still gives the chic look that you crave.

When you want that tiny blend between casual and corporate, this is your go-to style. This dress is a style that brings elegance to the table for you.

Ankara styles for kids

Did you think that the adorable little humans could be left out? No way! There are fashionable Ankara styles to suit your kids from babies to teenagers. Still doubting? Let these Ankara styles below win you over.

Now, isn’t this adorable? This lovely little human looks gorgeous in her lovely Ankara dress. She just steals your heart with this look.

Yes, you are allowed to lick your screen. This beautiful baby girl rocks this style like a second skin.

Look how this beautiful 8-year-old embodied one of the many Ankara styles for kids. This is one of the loveliest pictures you have come across on the internet.

Don’t you just love these beautiful angels! Then you might want to try one of these Ankara styles.

Do you think that this is an already made cloth? If you do, I’m sorry to disappoint you because it is not. This Ankara style is made from Ankara fabric. How lovely do you think this is?


This beautiful baby girl rocked her Ankara styled jumpsuit with elegance. Just in case you have been thinking of getting your mimi-me a jumpsuit, this is a perfect inspiration.

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Ankara styles for wedding dresses

Wedding days are one of the most important days in a woman’s life. You should trust the bride to step out looking gorgeous, classy and chic. However, done women have made use of the Ankara fabric to leave a lasting statement on their wedding day.

These Ankara styles for wedding dress won’t just leave a statement, it will make the dress stand out and be remembered alongside the wedding. See some classy styles below:

This beautiful bride said I do in this gorgeous looking Ankara wedding dress. Getting ideas for your big day already?

This beautiful bride brought in the goodness of Ankara styling to her wedding day. The dress wasn’t made completely out of Ankara fabrics. A few patches of Ankara were blended on the dress. The finished look gives you this unexplainable feeling of satisfaction.

This is one of the prettiest brides you can come across. This wedding dress was made completely out of Ankara fabric. Thinking of making Ankara part of your big day? These Ankara styles are just what you need and more!

The taste of bridal elegance this dress feeds is satisfying. Look how beautiful the bride looks on her big day.

What’s not to love in this beautiful bridal dress? The top of the dress was made with Ankara, with the Ankara fabric patched all over the body of the dress. This is simple but chic.

Ankara styles for weddings are bae. Look at this beautiful bride looking as confident as ever in her Ankara wedding dress.

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While fashion in Nigeria has been on its highest pedestal these past years, Ankara styles have been sure to follow swiftly, refusing to be left behind. Various Ankara styles can confidently compete with conventional fashion.

Feel free to look at our selection of Ankara styles and let us know which you might be rocking anytime soon.

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