Fashion design schools in Nigeria: UniAbuja and polytechnics that offer fashion designing courses

For Nigerians who are passionate about fashion designing, getting a degree and a certificate in a Nigerian university or polytechnic is now very possible. Nigeria has in recent years seen a significant boom in the fashion designing industry, which means that fashion design schools in Nigeria are becoming more competitive.

Fashion designing has now gone beyond stitching fabric together with a sewing machine to a thriving industry of creativity, skill and ideas. As more people recognise the myriads of opportunities the fashion industry presents, the more the demand for knowledge and expertise in the industry increase.

Away from learning from an apprenticeship, there are higher institutions in Nigeria that now offer fashion designing as a course of study. To be a successful fashion designer, it is important to be informed and updated on the country’s trends. This is why some people who are passionate about fashion designing choose to study the course at a Nigerian university or a polytechnic. These schools issue higher education certificates to graduates of their fashion designing and styling courses.

Why attend a fashion design school at a university or polytechnic?

It has already been established that fashion designing is ultimately a very lucrative career path considering the astronomical rise and boom of the fashion industry in Nigeria, as well as around the world. More Nigerian fashion designers are taking the world by storm and featuring in exhibitions of international renown around the world so it’s no surprise that higher institutions of learning are already adding fashion designing to their curriculum.

In the same way that several factors that are contributing to the growth of the industry in the country, there are also various factors to consider if you are looking for reasons to study fashion designing.

One of the most important advantages of studying fashion designing is that it helps you gain a comprehensive knowledge of the fashion industry and what is needed to thrive and be successful as a designer. Just like every other industry, the fashion industry requires creativity, skill and a large bank of know-how for anyone to be successful in it. This means that anyone aspiring to be a successful fashion designer needs to be armed with sufficient technical knowledge as well as the required know-how and skill to make a difference.

Getting a degree in fashion designing means that the designer will be ready for the fashion industry upon graduation because they have extensively learnt about fashion design history, clothing textiles, sketching and drawing outfits, fashion events, managing a fashion house and so on.

Additionally, aspiring designers get the opportunity to study the history and notable landmarks in the fashion industry. This means that fashion designing graduates have access to materials detailing the past, present and what the future of fashion would likely look like. This helps fashion designers to have an understanding of past trends, current and possible future trends. It is always imperative for a fashion designer to be informed and up-to-date.

There’s no denying that every industry has movers and shakers who can play very active roles in making a new entry successful in their line of work. This is one of the reasons why getting a fashion designing degree is advisable for fashion enthusiasts. During the course of obtaining the degree, aspiring fashion designers will have an opportunity to meet with key figures within their industry. Studying this course gives the student the right network of people needed to make the right waves in the fashion industry.

Aspiring fashion designers can also readily build their portfolio as an undergraduate in anticipation for when they receive their degrees and certificates. This means that during the course of obtaining the degree, most fashion designers can create a portfolio of completed works that they’ve executed to further market and promote their brands when the time comes to venture fully into the industry.

Bottom line is that studying fashion designing is certainly a life-changing decision for anyone and with the right mindset and attitude to work. Aspiring fashion designers who graduate with this degree from higher institutions than from unregulated fashion design schools definitely have better chances to make their mark in the glamorous fashion industry.

Are there universities and polytechnics in Nigeria that offer fashion designing courses?

The University of Abuja now offers fashion designing as a program

Actually, many polytechnics across Nigeria offer fashion designing as a course but only one university offers the course. The University of Abuja is the only Nigerian university in Nigeria that offers fashion designing as a course. However, there are other polytechnics in a number of states across the country to choose from if you are considering studying the course. Because fashion designing has evolved beyond just the ability to use a sewing machine, the polytechnics that offer the course promises a practical and hands-on approach to teaching the course.

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Typically, most of these polytechnics use both practical and theoretical methods to teach and show aspiring fashion designers what the course is all about. In this article, we will discuss the university and polytechnics. Students will be allowed to practice what they’re being taught with various industrial sewing equipment to give them a firsthand taste of what fashion designing entails.

Why study fashion designing in a polytechnic?

Studying fashion designing in any one of these higher institutions gives the designer a whole lot of advantages as opposed to attending unregulated fashion design schools or traditional fashion apprenticeship. See some benefits listed below:

  • Upon the completion of your course study, the student will be accredited and confirmed as a certified fashion designer by a nationally and internationally recognised competent body.
  • During the course of study, the student would have hands-on experience with manual and industrial sewing machines as well as a compulsory one year of industrial training attachment with a company as mandated by the school management.
  • In addition to learning with a practical approach, these schools also teach students the theoretical aspects of the course thus ensuring the student is well-rounded and knowledgeable in both theory and practical experience.
  • The students are also introduced to the business side of running a successful fashion house.

What are the requirements for studying fashion designing in a higher institution?

Are you considering studying fashion designing in a Nigerian higher institution of learning? This article will tell you all you need to know to get started and be accepted into the polytechnic of your choice. Let’s begin!


To gain admission to study fashion designing, candidates must have taken the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board’s UTME. To write JAMB UTME, good scores in four subjects are compulsorily required. The English language is a compulsory subject while the candidate, depending on their choice, can select the following.

  • Science, Physics, and Mathematics
  • Chemistry and any two of Agriculture or Biology

O’Level requirements

For O’level requirements to study fashion designing, candidates must have passed O’level in technical drawing/home economics and any four of the following courses:

  • Home management
  • History
  • Physics
  • Clothing and textile
  • Fine art
  • Mathematics
  • Literature in English
  • Chemistry
  • English language
  • Biology/Agricultural studies

Candidates must have a minimum credit in the English language to even qualify to be considered for admission to study this course.

Candidates must have a minimum of five credits pass including English and mathematics to be eligible for consideration.

After meeting these requirements, candidates will still need to score at least the university or polytechnic’s cutoff marks to be considered for admission. Further to this, candidates will have to go through a screening process to ascertain eligibility to study the course.

Which university and polytechnics offer fashion designing courses?

Now, to see the schools offering fashion designing as a course, please read below.

The list below shows the schools that are accredited to offer fashion designing courses. Fashion designing typically is in the Arts and Humanities faculty.

1. University of Abuja

Location: FCT, Abuja

Being the only university in Nigeria that offers this course, the University of Abuja is actually one of the best options when it comes to choosing a school that offers fashion designing as a course. This course was recently included in the university’s programs making UniAbuja quite unique and different from the rest.

Click here to know more and apply.

2. Yaba College of Technology (YabaTech)

Location: Akoka, Lagos state

Famous for being a literal neighbour to the iconic University of Lagos, YabaTech, offers fashion designing with a difference and also allows students a hands-on practical approach to learning. This means that students are gaining experience in designing while still studying. This school comes highly recommended.

YabaTech requires ‘O’ level credit passes in English Language, Fine Art or Clothing, Textile or Home Economics and any two subjects from History, Geography, Biology, Health Science, Technical Drawing, Economics, Mathematics and Chemistry.

School fees: The cost of this program at YabaTech is estimated at N44,500 per year excluding departmental and faculty fees, which are not fixed.

Click here apply.

3. Benue State Polytechnic (BenPoly)

Benue state polytechnic

Location: Benue state

Located in Benue state, BENPOLY offers Fashion designing and Clothing Technology under the Faculty of Arts and Humanities for interested students. This school issues a certificate, which gives you an edge as a fashion designer in today’s world.

This school requires four ‘O’ level credit passes in English Language, Fine Art and any other two subjects from History, Clothing & Textile, Chemistry, Biology or Health Science, Technical Drawing and Mathematics. A pass in Mathematics will be an advantage.

Click here to apply.

4. Ibarapa Polytechnic, Eruwa

Location: Eruwa, Oyo state

This school has produced a number of high profile graduates that are now hugely successful in the fashion industry. This is a testament to the school’s top-level teaching for fashion designers. Located in Eruwa, Ibarapa Polytechnic offers more to fashion designers who are intent on making a mark in the sector.

School fees: The cost of this program is N50,293 per year for non-indigenes of Ibarapa and N45,293 for indigenes.

Click here to know more and apply.

5. Kaduna Polytechnic (KadPoly)

Location: Kaduna state

Kaduna state polytechnic

Located in the heart of the northern region of the country, Kaduna polytechnic offers fashion designing to students with a specific focus on practical learning on how to use industrial and manual sewing equipment. This school easily offers one of the best fashion designing courses in Nigeria.

KadPoly requires credit passes in English Language, Mathematics and any three from Home Economics, Technical Drawing, Fine Art, Clothing & textiles, History, Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Agricultural Science, Literature in English and Home Management.

School fees: The official required fees of this program is N17,650 per session

Click here to apply.

6. Kalac Christal Polytechnic (KCPoly)

Location: Lekki, Lagos state

KCPoly is a privately funded school situated in Lekki, Lagos state, and if you’re looking to be certified as a fashion designer with a difference, then this school might be for you. They have a history of teaching students with practical demonstrations and a wide range of trendy and modern equipment to boot.

Click here to apply.

7. Auchi Polytechnic (AuchiPoly)

Auchi Polytechnic is a fairly popular school not just for fashion designing. For this article, however, we focus on their top-level fashion designing program. This school is renowned for graduates who are currently in the driving seats of the fashion and styling industry. If you’re looking to make your mark in the country as a fashion designer, then this school might be a very good option for you!

This school requires five ‘O’ level credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, and any other three subjects at a sitting. Six credit passes including English Language and Mathematics at two sittings as course requirements. AuchiPoly accepts any three subjects as UTME subjects.

School fees: AuchiPoly fees are estimated to be less than N100,000 per session as it is a federal institution and the school provides accommodation for its students.

Click here to know more and apply

Delta State Polytechnic

Location: Ozoro, Delta state

Located in Delta state, this school requires credit passes in English Language, Mathematics and any three from Home Economics, Technical Drawing, Fine Art, Clothing & textiles, History, Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Agricultural Science, Literature in English and Home Management for its fashion designing program.

Click here to apply.

8. Federal Polytechnic, Oko

Location: Oko, Anambra state

OkoPoly requires four ‘O’ level credit passes in English language, Fine Art and any other two subjects from History, Clothing & Textile, Chemistry, Biology, Health Science, Technical Drawing and at least credit pass in the English Language is compulsory.

School fees:

(1) Every new student will pay N15,150.00 acceptance fee.

(2) Every student living in the hostel will separately pay N10, 000.00 hostel upkeep fee.

(3) All students will pay National Health Insurance Premium of N1, 600.00 to the Medical Centre.

(4) All newly admitted students must pay N2,000.00 for a biometric ID card.

9. Institute of Management Technology, Enugu

Location: Enugu state

Founded in 1973, IMTE requires credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, and any three of Clothing and Textile/Food and Nutrition/Home Management, Technical Drawing/Fine Art, history, Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Agricultural Science, Literature in English and relevant NTC/NBC and NVC trades.

Click here to apply.

10. Kano State Polytechnic, Kano state

Location: Kano state

Kano State Polytechnic is a state-owned institution in Kano state with the mission to train students in practical and technical know-how. Kano State Polytechnic has no religious affiliation and thus the state of origin and religious background doesn’t hold much weight during the admission screening process. The Polytechnic is affordable and provides hostels/accommodation facilities for her students.

Click here to apply.


We’ve established that fashion designing and textile works have become a mainstay of Nigerian society and are fast becoming one of the country’s major exports. This means that the industry will continually become lucrative and respectably profitable for designers who take their time to learn their trades. It’s not just the learning that is required for a successful designer, however. Creativity, hard work and innovation are also qualities that are needed in copious amounts to really make a mark in this industry. Nevertheless, there is no downplaying the roles that fashion schools, especially well-regulated one like those found in Nigeria’s higher institutions of learning, play to prepare aspiring designers for the challenges ahead.

The affordable nature of most of the schools offering these courses sees to it that just about anyone can apply and gain admission to study fashion designing especially if they already have a passion for it and are enthusiastic about becoming a successful fashion designer.

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