New Video from Ezra Miller’s Arrest Shows Them Correcting Police on Pronoun Use

The Flash, Ezra Miller’s Arrest; New Video shows Them Correcting Police on Pronoun Use when addressing them

More footage of Miller’s arrest has been released, and it shows them correcting the police. In March 2019, the actor was apprehended by officers in Hawaii following an incident at a local bar. They said he harassed patrons with their friends earlier that day before being charged with Disorderly Conduct & Harassment.

Miller complained throughout their arrest that the cuffs were too tight and asked several times if they could be careful with them so as not to cause any more damage.

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Miller is audibly angry when the officer refers to them as “sir.” they explain that he’s not a sir and gives his preferred pronoun, transgender nonbinary. The officer then calls him by this name or title but continues using a ‘transistorized sound of anger,’ which angers him more deeply. That’s because it carries implications for how Miller presents themselves in life: irritated at having been addressed without respect from someone who should know better about what being marginalized feels like daily.

Ezra Miller is a celebrity, and it seems like they can’t go anywhere without causing some controversy. The most recent instance saw them arrested for throwing a chair at someone’s party and hitting another woman in the head during the altercation! It doesn’t seem surprising given how often this has happened before; back when 2020 came around, there were even reports that claimed Ezra attacked one individual who wasn’t involved with anything going on whatsoever.

The Flash is coming to the big screen this year, and it’s going to be super fun! Do you know who else seems excited for The Fastest Man Alive? Director DCEU tandem, Miller genders as part DC’s version on blockbuster multiverse movie- in Justice League.


Miller’s Barry Allen will be the main character in this version of Batman. He has already been cast and filmed, making it impossible for them to recast now without changing their script or movie plan entirely.

It’s possible that after The Flash is released, Warner Bros may cut ties with Miller. The multiverse makes it easy to recast the role in future DCEU movies if needed, and many fans have been campaigning for Grant Gustin (Arrowverse counterpart) to take over on-screen. But there hasn’t yet been any official word about this possibility. The Flash is set to hit theaters on June 23, 2023.

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