[Listen] Young Thug Punk album, see reviews

Punk is a new album by Young Thug, released on 15 October 2021 and featuring several big names in the music industry. Listen to the album here and read early reviews!

Speaking with The Fader magazine, after his debut album, Young Thug described his then-upcoming Punk album as “brave, not self-centered, conscious, very, very neglected, very misunderstood, very patient, very authentic.” He stated that he wanted the album to be a little more serious in tone.

Also, in a sitdown with Billboard, he mentioned that the project is ‘just real-life stories.’ He said: “I usually don’t show emotion, which is why my storytelling songs be so hard. Y’all usually don’t see nothing from me, so when you hear a song that’s really serious, you’re like, ‘Oh my f—ing God.’ You remember a n—a human. Punk is just real-life stories. The whole album is purified. It’s just real.”

The album is a 20-track collection that includes songs with Drake, J. Cole, Travis Scott, the late Mac Miller, Future, the late Juice WRLD, A$AP Rocky, Post Malone, Doja Cat, Gunna, and more.

You can stream and download Young Thug Punk album here:

Punk album reviews

Besides what the singer himself is saying about his work, here are some Punk album reviews that we found online:

Famous pop culture media house, NME, said: “the opening track of his truly spectacular second studio album, Thug and his friends jams around with gentle guitar strums and soft drums; it’s like a Disney Channel campfire jam. Yes: Thug does things differently. Yet he enjoys his real rockstar moment with ‘Stupid/Asking’, a track of two halves that features an outlandishly crude line about “taking an Instagram model down right on a dirty mattress”. Later, though, his voice cracks when he says, “You love me, that’s what you ‘posed to say”; it’s a level of vulnerability that marks a departure from his signature braggadocio.”

Meanwhile, Complex gave reviews of some of the singles on the album. For “Contagious”, Eric stated that the song “stood out to me on first listen. Thug nailed everything he was trying to pull off with Punk on this song.

“The stripped-back production puts his voice front and center, he’s telling personal stories, and there’s a noticeable clarity in his rapping. This one isn’t going to top streaming charts (that’s what “Bubbly” is for) but when I think of the Punk chapter of Thug’s career—his singer-songwriter era, if you will—I’m going to think of songs like “Contagious,” “Supid/Asking,” and “Fifth Day Dead.”

Riff Magazine thinks that “Punk has a noticeably stripped-down sound, with most instrumentals delivering a calm ambient quality as a single delivering a calm ambient quality as a single instrument—usually guitar or piano—lightly guides listeners from track to track.

“Broken up with the occasional bass-heavy banger, the production reflects the mindset of Young Thug quite well, amidst the wavering and crooning singing and rapping.

“The album opens with light electric guitar strumming on “Die Slow.” Young Thug raps about the violence and trauma he witnessed firsthand growing up, and how it has made him so protective of his family.

“It’s followed by the equally somber “Stressed,” with a light acoustic guitar paired with piano. J. Cole and T-Shyne take the lead, with the former rapping about performing as a necessity to support those he loves and the latter diving similarly into expressing his fears of not providing enough.”

Young Thug Punk Album reviews
Young Thug

RGM gave the album a C+ stating that “When Young Thug decides to hang up his mic, I think he will have one of the most confusing hall-of-fame cases in the history of music. While I think that he shows flashes of greatness in his music, he also shows flashes of what-the-f**kness. Depending on who you talk to, Young Thug either hits more highs or more lows in Punk (He straddles the line Between good and bad so well in this album).

“One thing that I love about Young Thug is that he likes to play a bunch of different characters in his music. What I think is very interesting about Punk is that Thugger plays all of these characters over modest instrumentals a bunch of times.”

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