Check out Billie Eilish’s brand new song “Lost Cause” [Watch]

Billie Eilish is no stranger to criticism and she has a message for her relentless critics on her latest offering, “Lost Cause”. The critically acclaimed high priestess of Generation Z wants her critics to know that wasting their time slandering her is a lost cause.

Nicki Minaj is dropping new music
Nicki Minaj is dropping new music

Billie Eilish who has faced criticism at almost every turn since she became famous has always been one to be unbothered with the negativity that accompanies fame. She even posed for the summer edition of British Vogue and surprised many by switching her hair color from green to blonde.

Her album, “Happier Than Ever”, is billed for a 30 July release but she doled out a new single titled “Lost Cause” on Wednesday, 2 June 2021.


“Lost Cause” is the fourth release from her highly anticipated sophomore album with previous releases like “My Future,” “Therefore I Am” and “Your Power,” all dropping earlier.

The song is about the singer’s former love interest.

Billie is letting him know she sees his real personality and feelings and notices he’s nothing but a “Lost Cause”.

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The video to the song, directed by Billie, sees her and her ‘sisters’ having a fabulous day party around a mansion in their Skims.

Another thing to note is that Billie Eilish has continued to ditch the usual baggy clothes as seen in the video where she and her girl gang matched outfits.

Watch the music video below

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