AQ goes for quality over quantity on brand new 7-track album ‘Golden’

AQ, the rapper who sees “God’s Engineering” as the echelon of success, on his newfound path couldn’t care less about the norm as he rolls out what would otherwise have been an EP as his sixth studio album.

“Golden”, he calls it, contains just 7 tracks but talk about choosing quality over quantity and you won’t regret choosing this particular body of work. If anything, “Golden” feels like AQ’s best work yet.

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Yes, A-Q etched his name in the hip-hop/rap hall of fame with his 2020 mixtape, “God’s Engineering”, however, he’s refined and taken his craft to a whole new level and it seems the best is yet to come and that’s super exciting.

When he said he’s the rapper other rappers try to beat now, A-Q wasn’t reaching. He’s backing his claim up!


There’s a constant factor on the 7-track “Golden” project. A-Q wasn’t necessarily delivering hooks on but he stays razor-sharp with his flow.

“Golden” is what you call the ecclesiastic move. He was simply just conversing his truth albeit with every single stance he’s represented.

Like he and Chike said on track 3, he simply just wants to ‘Breathe’.

A-Q sounds more like someone who has got greater things to look out for on “Golden”. The man literally denounces trivia matters that no longer hold importance to him on his journey like unnecessary beef as he would rather count his blessings instead.

The album is calm, speaks clearly to the mind, hits numerous standpoints on the head, and also revitalizes the soul.


It’s however too short for how good it is but we’d rather take quality over quantity.

A-Q manages to also touch on social issues such as he did on ‘System Failure’ and enjoins people to stop blaming the system for their wrongdoings but maintains a better system could prevent a lot of wrong paths.

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