Michelle Williams Pregnant With Third Child.

Why aren’t there any photographs ...
Why aren’t there any photographs of Michelle Obama pregnant?

Michelle Williams is expecting her third child. The Oscar-nominated actress, 41 has announced that she and husband Thomas Kail will be welcoming their newest addition this fall after a four year wait from when they last had children together in 2015 (Variety). “It’s totally joyous,” says Williams about receiving the call from baby number five! As time goes by, I’m sure”.

When she was pregnant with her second child, Williams found herself living through the lockdown of an intense pandemic that left many people unable or unwilling to care for themselves. She had a 16-year-old daughter from previous relationship who now lived with them too and helped take on some parenting responsibilities while also helping around here— Hart is such good sport! These days we’re all trying our best not just because it’s expected but simply because there isn’t much else you can do when your world crashes down around.

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Williams says that being a mother has made her more committed to working as an actress and improving the world around them. She’s worked on raising awareness for pay equity issues in recent years, which she finds especially rewarding because it’s something “we can all get behind.” I know raising a great kid is the ultimate creative act. But what does it say about me if I can’t even get my own children to eat healthy? I’m so committed to making this world better for future generations, that not only do they have good grammar and manners—they also enjoy eating green beans with butter.

Life is a magical experience that we all crave. But what makes the most ecstatic moments in life and art? Williams says it’s when you combine your DNA with someone else to create something new, just like how she created her baby girl by getting pregnant on purpose! Her busy 2022 will include “Showing Up,” which A24 has announced they’ll be releasing later this year; co-starring as an actress loosely based off Steven Spielberg’s mother (spoiler alert: he hasn’t made any films yet). Afterward, I’m planning some much needed down time until my bundle Of Joy arrives, “Who knew being pregnant would be so tiring?” she asks, sounding exhausted.

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