‘Genevieve Nnaji’s PR Should Be Fired’ – Nigerians Fault Painting Video Reports of Battling Mental Issues

If nigerians youths want jobs they ...
If nigerians youths want jobs they should behave themselves

Nigerian OAP Dotun and other citizens have faulted the painting video of Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji amidst claims that she was battling mental issues. However, audio leaks revealed she debunked these reports by releasing an amazing behind-the scenes look at her studio where you can see how happy this artist is while creating art!

Some people have criticized the video with claims that Genevieve Nnaji is going through a midlife crisis, and painting serves as her escape from mental health in rehab. In an Instagram post shared on social media platform Dotun questioned using such footage to debunk report noting its timing wasn’t right, Dotun said that the PR team should have probably used a video of Genevieve Nnaji in some nice places to show she’s doing well.

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Genevieve Nnaji is a celebrity, and we all know how much hard work goes into making sure that any bad press doesn’t hit you
where it hurts. I’m happy to say the actress has been doing well lately, but her PR team really let themselves down with this video footage of them letting people know she’s fine despite having such an important things like Genevieve in their hands! It looked more than just unprofessional – everyone knows these things can be risky during times when everything else seems volatile or dangerous so why not take care yourself first before worrying about anyone else? A lot could have gone wrong there after seeing what happened last week.

Other Citizens who reacted said that Genevieve’s video clearly shows a rehab posture noting there are other videos and pictures of the actress which have not made it online. Ihydeeniola wrote: Even if you wanted to debunk, I’m sure Genny has old photos or videos which haven’t roused up on the internet and could’ve been used as alternatives instead this non-sense post! Unless it’s posted like this simply because she is mentally ill with issues at home–in reality no one knows why people do such things…

It is encouraging to see that she’s getting the help she needs, and we can only hope this means more people will seek out therapy or addiction treatment themselves. You can also read this recent article, Michelle Williams Pregnant With Third Child.

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