Davido and Chioma breakup timeline, facts and rumours

Ever since Davido and Chioma went public with their relationship in 2018, no week goes by without a story or rumour about them. From claims that she was Peruzzi’s ex-girlfriend to other outlandish narratives; the relationship has been in the public eye. We look at the details available about their relationship here.

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Most recently, it is the Afrobeats singer’s birthday wish for Chioma that has got social media users angry at him. According to a screenshot obtained on Twitter, Davido wrote the following:

Davido and Chioma breakup timeline, facts and rumours, Mya Yafai

Davido calls Chioma ‘Mama Ify’ on her birthday

Without the breakup rumours plaguing their relationship, this would likely have passed below the radar. But this is Davido and Chioma! It would be easier for the biblical camel to pass through the eye of the needle than for this ‘Mama Ify’ tag to go scot-free just like that.

It did not take long for people to start dragging him by the customised 30BG chain Chioma got him on his birthday in 2020. Besides the thousands of tweets and memes that ‘Mama Ify’ produced, Chioma’s “Thank you” reply also signals that everything is not rosy in their union.

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This comes as a surprise to many on the ‘Assurance’ bandwagon because they had really appeared to be heading to the altar. In 2019, a month before welcoming their son, the couple held an engagement party on 2 September in Lagos. The arrival of Ifeanyi Adeleke also seemed to be proof that the couple was serious about their relationship.

“Honestly, Coronavirus messed plans up because it was meant to be in July. I have decided it will be some time next year,” Davido was quoted as saying when quizzed about his plans for his fiancee in mid-2020. But has the award-winning hitmaker been always truthful regarding his relationship?

Davido and Chioma marriage cancelled 

Not really. In 2018, when he began injecting loved-up photos of both of them online, Davido said he had no plan to marry Chioma just yet. Fast forward to 2020, he claimed that the coronavirus was to blame for the delay. While this is not a blatant lie, it also shows inconsistencies in his readiness to settle or he was trying to avoid pressure from fans at the early stage of their relationship.

However, for what they lack in a consistent answer, Davido and Chioma always had peng pictures to placate fans. In December 2018, the first set of breakup rumours about them started but they had Jpegs ready to counter them. Their crowning photo ops moment is no doubt the London proposal ones which they released in September 2019.

Davido and Chioma breakup timeline, facts and rumours, Mya Yafai

Davido and Chioma breakup timeline, facts and rumours, Mya Yafai

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Domestic violence rumour

Until months after their son’s birth and clouds of domestic violence hung over their head in June 2020. A picture of Davido with a cast on his ankle fueled the speculation but it was Chioma who came out to shut down the narrative. It was a rare appearance from the celebrity chef who usually just let the drama die a natural death, pose for a picture with her boo, and carry on with life.

“…I must say I have found quite disturbing the stories of domestic abuse between myself and David and for once feel a need to speak up. Domestic violence and abuse is NO JOKE and not something to ever take lightly. Never has there ever been an incident of abuse in my home. He has never in his life lifted a finger to touch me and I have never so much as even pushed him,” she said at the time about the rumours.

Mya Yafai enters the picture

Davido and Chioma breakup timeline, facts and rumours, Mya Yafai
Phot credit: etrendstv.com

It will be sometime before their relationship made front pages again. But, when it did, it was table shattering news. Davido was spotted first holding hands with Instagram model Mya Yafai while on vacation in the Caribbean and later, they were allegedly caught on camera kissing. In the singer’s defence, it could have been for a music video but what happens next seems to put the final nail in the coffin.

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In April 2021, Chioma deleted all photos of the singer from her Instagram page leaving only one where he was holding Ifeanyi, according to PUNCH. This signifies a major shift in their relationship status and it is the equivalent of a woman or man moving out of the family home.

Is Davido and Chioma still together?

Yet, despite the seeming unassailable proof, it is difficult to trust the narrative and draw conclusions until Davido and/or Chioma confirm that they have broken up. One cannot also ignore the fact that the couple has been friends for seven years and dated for five. Their kind of relationship, with a shared son too, is not easily swept under the rug.

In addition, Davido and Chioma once unfollowed each other in early 2020 when rumours that she was having an affair with Peruzzi surfaced. Later, it was revealed this was a publicity stunt. To clear his name, in an interview in April 2021, Peruzzi said: “Someone said I had sex with the wife of the man who helped me. Do you know how crazy that is? Even if you hate me, what did Davido do to you? So right now, I am careful of every pin that drops near me.”

Davido and Chioma breakup timeline, facts and rumours

At the moment it does look like the celebrity couple’s relationship has crashed because there has been no photo dump to snuff out the stories.

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