Khafi Kareem has something to say to womb watchers

Former BBNaija housemate, Khafi Kareem, has lashed out at womb watchers on her social media page.

The former London police officer issued a serious warning to social media speculators questioning if she’s pregnant, saying she’d start blocking people who question her stomach in pictures.

According to her, this unwarranted question has to stop as women go through a lot already. She also stated that she had to develop a ‘stomach sucking skill’ to hide her naturally big stomach.

Read her post below:

“The way I’m looking at the next person who drops a pregnancy comment on my post. Continue reading if you don’t want to get BLOCKED. (I’m not joking).

“I’ve ignored them for the longest now but according to the womb watchers on social media, I have been pregnant for over a YEAR. So let me get this off my heart. Some people have flat stomachs naturally and some people have big stomachs naturally.

“The latter is ME. And when I’m on my period it is even BIGGER. I don’t owe anyone a flat stomach but still, I try to suck in my belly in every single picture, and sometimes I do it better than others.

“The worst is that even when I’m proud of my ‘sucking in skills’ on a particular picture there is always SOMEONE who still comments something about pregnancy. This is a habit that HAS TO STOP.

“First of all, women are more than baby-making machines. A woman’s fertility or decision to start a family is for her to decide, not for you to comment on in every single picture… Must our stomachs always be the first thing you look at??

“Secondly, I’m not just speaking up for myself but for women in general. You may mean well when making pregnancy remarks but it is not always a compliment.

“For women who have had miscarriages, have been trying unsuccessfully for a baby, or simply conscious about their weight it can be very distressing, triggering and also puts a lot of undue pressure on them.

“So unless someone has announced a pregnancy or told you then please be nice and DON’T COMMENT OR CONGRATULATE them on one.

“Trust me when the time is right I welcome pregnancy (twins please Lord!) and starting a family at God’s time. But until I’ve said I’m expecting please stop with the pregnancy comments. I’ll have no patience for them anymore and any one who writes such comments will get BLOCKED.

“To those who mean well, thank you so much, I do love you all. But to the amebos please be amebos elsewhere. It’s pressure enough being a woman, so let’s not add to it. Happy Sunday“

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