Eric Stonestreet engages girlfriend, Lindsay Schweitzer – see 5 facts about her

Eric Stonestreet is engaged to girlfriend Lindsay Schweitzer, and here we have curated 5 facts about his fiancée. 

In an Instagram post over the weekend, the “Modern Family” star, Eric Stonestreet, announced his engagement to his longtime girlfriend, Lindsay Schweitzer.

America’s latest sweethearts posed in a series of pictures with Schweitzer showing a stunning ring. Stonestreet captioned the pictures, “She said, ‘She’d have her people call my people.'”


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The couple’s famous friends weighed in, with Stonestreet’s “Modern Family” costar Julie Bowen writing, “I honestly don’t know who is luckier (lie: I do).” Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays Stonestreet’s husband on the show wrote, “Jesus Christ. Finally.

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Who is Eric Stonestreet girlfriend? – See 5 facts about Lindsay Schweitzer

  1. Lindsay Schweitzer is a pediatric nurse working in the United States. 
  2. According to Biography Daily, Lindsay is 50 years old and was born in the US in 1971.
  3. She is allegedly worth $500,000.
  4. Lindsay Schweitzer and Stonestreet met at the Big Slick Charity weekend in Kansas City in 2016.
  5. Schweitzer made an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres in 2017. During the talk show, DeGeneres said, “Your girlfriend is lovely — I met her backstage. She’s a nurse. That’s a good thing for you, because you’re a hypochondriac.” To which Stonestreet replied, “I’m a big baby, too. She calms me — she calms my nerves. I’m a very high-strung personYou can tell, right? What are you looking at, ma’am?!” he jokingly shouted at a woman in the audience before adding: “My nurse girlfriend will take care of you.”

According to the PEOPLE’s insider source, the couple seemed so happy together while they were dating. “They are very happy to have met each other. They’re enjoying spending time together,” sources close to them revealed.

After the big news from the actor, fans were quick to critic the actor, stating that he looked too old to be engaged to his fiancée. Eric, however, had the most hilarious response for those who were criticizing him.

The “Modern Family” actor reposted the photo he used for his engagement announcement but this time, edited Schweitzer’s face to make her look more wrinkled and aged.


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“Apparently a lot of people think I look too old, as a 49-year-old man, to be engaged to my almost 42-year-old fiancée

“Look, she can’t help that she looks so great at 42 and I can’t help that I apparently look like her grandad so, I fixed it for everyone,” Stonestreet added.

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