Hurricane Henri timeline, updates and impact – victims and destruction

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random storm vids - Compilation of storm videos from the last 4 years

Hurricane Henri has overstayed its welcome across the northeastern United States as it continues to bring more rain, leading to a tropical depression. See latest news, updates, timeline, impact and victims.

According to ABC News, the storm made landfall as a tropical storm in Rhode Island early Sunday afternoon, bringing wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour and a storm surge of up to 4 feet to the surrounding regions.

The National Hurricane centre said that the storm, which weakened from a Category 1 hurricane on Sunday morning, had sustained winds of 60 mph when it made landfall at about 12:15 p.m.

By Monday, about 100,000 customers were without power in the Northeast, primarily in Rhode Island, according to Poweroutage.US.

Difference between hurricanes, tropical storms and depressions

The difference between all of these is just about the sustained wind. What is a hurricane? For a phenomenon to be classed as a hurricane, it should have sustained winds above 74 mph. Meanwhile, a tropical storm has sustained winds of 73 mph.

Early Sunday evening, Henri’s sustained winds topped out at 40 mph, well below hurricane status. However, it dropped to a tropical depression when sustained winds fell below 39 mph.

This sounds like good news, but it is not exactly one because the most significant threat from a storm this size is water, and Henri continues to bring more rain. Heavy rainfall caused storm surges and inland flooding. Historically, these are the things that have threatened lives and properties more than high winds.

Impact and areas forecast to be affected by Hurricane Henri

The storm is forecast to bank east early on Monday, 23 August 2021, and skirt parts of Vermont and New Hampshire before heading into the Gulf of Maine. After coming ashore, Hurricane Henri has veered west, dumping massive amounts of rain on Connecticut and New York’s Hudson River Valley, which could cause dangerous flooding.

Hurricane Henri timeline, updates and impact - victims and destruction
Photo Credit: The Washington Post

So far, the storm surge hasn’t been significant like it was with 2012’s Superstorm Sandy.

The Guardian said that more than 140,000 homes lost power and deluges closed bridges, swamped roads and left some people stranded in their vehicles. Additionally, the owner of a sailboat, named “Paws”, is presumed dead after the boat washed up without its owner.

According to sources, two family members drowned near a pier in Oak Island, North Carolina, on 19 August 2021. Hurricane Henri destroyed several houses, cars, and businesses, and authorities are still calculating losses.

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