Doctor Cupid: How to keep your relationship strong

Have you ever heard that love is not enough to sustain a relationship? Well, that’s because it takes more than love for a relationship to work.

At the start of the relationship, everything usually seem sweet and beautiful as you and your partner will be each other’s secret obsession. However, as the relationship grows older, it will seem like it is losing its strength.

In times like these, it possible to tell and this is because your instincts will let you in on it, but in case you can’t figure it out, see Doctor Cupid: How to tell if your relationship is falling apart

In this case, making the effort to improve your relationship is the key to unlocking a strong relationship between you and your partner. The first step to solving a problem is first admitting that there is a problem.

This week, Doctor Cupid is discussing the various ways to help keep your relationship going strong.

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Learn to use the word “we”

Making use of singular pronouns when referring to important decisions or aspect of your relationship can make your relationship lose its strength. However, “we” is the game-changer.  When your partner realises that you have him/her at heart when making your plans, they’d be more committed.

Recognise that all relationships have their ups and downs

It is normal to have disagreements in relationships and this is because two people with different exposures to life are coming together as one. Recognise this in your relationship and know peace.


Being supportive of your partner goes a long way in helping your relationship stay strong. There are various ways you can be a supportive partner. You could be emotionally supportive or financially supportive, the list is endless.

Fight fair

This is quite important for healthy relationships and that’s because the aim of having fights in a relationship is not to destroy the relationship, but to reach a consensus. Always know when to draw the line when having fights and do not say things that you might regret later.

Set goals

Another thing that brings couples together is their set goals. Be a team striving to score goals together.

These easy ways can help you keep your relationship stronger, but you could try also these resources on his secret obsession website. They will definitely help you in more ways than you can imagine.

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