Alleged former mistress of President John F. Kennedy finally shares her story after almost 60 years

Diana de Vegh, an 83-year-old woman, who claims to be the former mistress of President John F. Kennedy, has shared her story after almost 60 years of keeping the secret.

De Vegh stated that her affair with the President began in 1958 when she was 21, and he was a charismatic up and coming Senator.

According to her, the affair lingered on and off for four years, even after John F. Kennedy moved into the White House, just until a year before his assassination.

Although it’s been six decades since the alleged affair, de Vegh had no trouble recalling the details to the online weekly digital outlet Air Mail News.

This is the first time de Vegh is speaking on the record about it, although in 2004, she offered her account of the relationship in Sally Bedell Smith’s 2004 book “Grace and Power: The Private World of the Kennedy White House”.

Diana de Vegh former mistress of President John F. Kennedy story
Diana de Vegh former mistress of President John F. Kennedy

She had asked to remain anonymous then, but Smith didn’t keep to his end of the bargain.

Speaking on how they met, she claimed that the former President approached her at a political event in Boston while she was a student at Radcliffe College.

Give me your seat, so a tired old man can sit next to a pretty girl,” she alleges that Kennedy said as he asked to sit with her.

Young woman, great man. Predictable outcome: heartbreak for her, no consequences for him,” She added as she continued to recount for Air Mail News.

She claimed that during their affair, Kennedy would personally invite de Vegh to other events without fear in the world, never worrying about the affair going public as he was sure the media would never out him.

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Sometimes, he would even have his driver pick her up from her dorm room while his staff would offer her coffee.

What could I have been thinking? Obviously, I wasn’t thinking. I was feeling, in full movie-star-infatuation-mode

Only this movie star was a worldly actor who was going to make everything different. And I would be part of it, carried along in the wake of his power. I didn’t realize then that I’d simply been netted,” she continues.

According to Smith’s book, Vegh’s father, Imrie de Vegh, sat on the visiting committees at Harvard University while Kennedy served on Harvard’s Board of Overseers.

The then dean of the University, Mac Bundy, heard about de Vegh and insisted that Kennedy stops the affair and all contact with her, including dorm room pickups.

However, the President continued. “This was love for sure. And…now, it was sex for sure,” de Vegh writes in Air Mail News.

After she graduated, Kennedy got her a gig on Bundy’s staff as a dig for trying to end the affair.

When he moved into the White House, de Vegh was then hired on Capitol Hill in a job the President had allegedly set up for her. She eventually ended up working in the Executive Office Building of the White House.

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