25 most hilarious crypto memes you will find on the internet

I have culled 25 of the most hilarious crypto memes and attempted to give just enough context to make everyone enjoy and not ruin it as well.

Crypto popularity hinges on it being decentralized and accessible for just anyone. What better way to make everyone partake than letting its hair down? Jokes and pop culture have always been the digital currency way to make it relatable. Gone are the days when geeks alone understood cryptocurrency, now, everyone can share in it, in some way.

In my own little way, I have collected 25 of the funniest crypto meme on the internet and put them in one place. Enjoy!

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25. You can’t hurt me!

You will think you know what being hurt means until are in the dip and you opt to stay there regardless of the FUD that it may be causing. People who are in the dip can no longer be hurt by more price drops.

24. Passive income my foot

The Top 50 Crypto Memes of All Time – Featured Bitcoin News

Crypto trading has been paraded as a means of getting ‘passive income’, well, I hope they also told you of the sleep you will be losing when you see the declining red indicators.

23. Why are you into cryptocurrency?

14 Crypto Memes ideas | memes, cryptocurrency, bitcoin

We have all likely heard crypto people say they are tech enthusiasts when in reality, they are businessmen. I mean, come on, you can’t have 10 BTC, the equivalent of $400,000+ and still say you are only interested in the workings of the blockchain technology. We are no longer buying it.

22. “Crypto is easy,” they say

32 Funny Crypto Memes for Those Hodling Right Now - Let's Eat Cake

Now tell me why you look like a 70-year-old with eight grandkids, three children, and a three-time divorcee when you are barely 30?

21. It is not spending but investing

32 Funny Crypto Memes for Those Hodling Right Now - Let's Eat Cake

Crypto traders are a different breed. They will complain about the price of milk but will not think twice before spending a thousand times that on something they can even hold.

20. Financial stability

Crypto Memes in 2021: Remembering, Crying and Laughing

Financial stability and cryptocurrency should not be used in the same sentence. With the way it fluctuates, I think a special Squid Game episode should be set aside for crypto traders in the second season.

19. Catch me if you can

48 Crypto memes ideas | memes, bitcoin, cryptocurrency

It is not always negative to own bitcoin. For example, the fact that no government or body can seize your digital assets without your assistance is a positive thing.

18. Miners but the soft kind

Daily Crypto Memes - - Whale Reports - Bitcoin& Cryptocurrency - America's best pics and videos If you are also confused about crypto mining like the rest of the world, you should read this article. Mining crypto seems to be a bit different from the traditional mining, who would have thought?

17. What price drop?

Hit me with your favourite crypto memes/gifs... here's mine - 9GAG

Stock market price drops making the news will never stop being funny to crypto market traders. I mean, why are people concerned that a company’s stock dropped by 1.34% when coins can fall to -40% in a single day!

16. Brave of you to assume …

50+ Funny Crypto Memes To Make You Laugh Even If You Have Lost

So, you assume because I am trading bitcoin, I know what I am doing? Please, I don’t even know what a stop loss means. Is it suppose to stop me from losing money or something?

15. Joy!

32 Funny Crypto Memes for Those Hodling Right Now - Let's Eat Cake

I am not crying, you are. The fourth frame is every traders dream and just looking at it alone is making my eyes misty.

14. HODL!

Crypto Memes in 2021: Remembering, Crying and Laughing

Trading crypto is all about knowing when to sell and when to HODL. The tricky part is being able to hold for as long as it takes, which is not very easy.

13. What is crypto trading?

The Top 10 Crypto Memes. What are the most popular crypto memes? | by Nicolas Cary | @blockchain | Medium

No many people understand crypto trading and will make assumptions. Its kind of funny because their assumptions are somehow right because even you are not sure of what it is you are doing.

12. First they hate, then they …

Crypto memes!

Just a couple of years ago, company CEOs were laughing at crypto pioneers. But now, they are falling over each other to start incorporating it. Shocking!

11. Time travel

60 Viral Cryptocurrency Memes on The Internet

If you could go back in time, what will you do besides buying bitcoin on the cheap and never sending that embarrassing text?

10. No peace for the HODL-er

?? BlockchainMuffin.com - Website with CRYPTO MEMES, BITCOIN MEMES ?•?•? ??You can’t just sleep, try as you may, without checking what the crypto market has in store for you.

9. The dream

Ultimate List - Top 20 Blockchain Memes - 101 Blockchains

The ultimate bitcoin dream is not to have to convert it to money, but use it as a means of transaction in its digital form.

8. FUD got you

Crypto Memes Of The Week – 12 Feb

The only way to overcome fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) is to not check your digital asset every second. Well, that sounds easy until you actually have them.

7. Decisions, decisions, decisions

People in Panic Mode After Govt Plans Bill to Ban Private Cryptocurrency, Meme Fest Ensues

To sell or to hold? Well, the clock is ticking and the dip can even go into another dip or moon. You decide.

6. Bitcoin is the new s_xy

40 Funniest Bitcoin Memes To Share With Your Friends - Finance Illustrated

No one would have believed that in such a short time, BTC would be much more valuable than the USD. Now, everyone want to own some bitcoin.

5. This one hurts!

Crypto Meme] Does it hurt enough? ? #bitcoin #meme #remitano #crypto : r/remitano

Pro tip, how to hurt a crypto trader in one move: show them the third frame.

4. Where is my childhood?

DailyCoin's Crypto Memes of the Week — DailyCoin

Have you spend most of your youth trading crypto, then you will relate to this meme.

3. Hmmm …

45 Funniest Crypto Memes on the Internet | Work + Money

The less said about this, the better.

2. How to sell in 2022

NF-MEME - d_l_ Collection V2 | OpenSea

Finding it hard to sell something? Slap the NFT label on it!

1. It is definitely not low

memes #snoopdogg #ethereum #gas #fees" - on Blockster

Snoop Dogg definitely approves of this one.

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