All you need to know about Mexican model Paloma Jiménez, partner of Fast and Furious star, Vin Diesel

Born Karla Paloma Jiménez Denagustin on 22 August 1983, Mexican model Paloma Jiménez, as she is popularly called, is also an actor who is mainly known for her decade long relationship with action superstar Vin Diesel. Besides appearing on the cover of Maxim’s Mexican Edition, she has done ad campaigns for various international brands such as Coca Cola, Honda, and Pantene.

Paloma is 16 odd years younger than Vin Diesel, but this hasn’t deterred the couple from forging a solid partnership. The pair have been together since 2007, which makes their relationship almost 15 years old. Though the couple are yet to be officially married, they are quite the ideal pair, and already have three children together.

Being the partner of Vin Diesel is not the only thing Paloma is known for. If anything, it added to her already existing fame. As already mentioned, Paloma is a model and actor, and she has been in the showbiz industry for no less than two decades now. She has also enjoyed considerable success, especially as a model.

Just as being associated with a famous person can give fame to everyday people, it can also overshadow that of people who already had a degree of fame. While we may not exactly say that is the case for Paloma, it is undeniable that she has been identified more as Vin Diesel’s wife than a successful model.

This article focuses on Paloma Jiménez as we look to know more about her, her career, and of course, her life as Vin Diesel’s partner. Firstly, see the following ten interesting facts about her.

10 facts about Paloma Jiménez

  1. Paloma was born and raised in Guerrero, Mexico. It’s unclear when she migrated to the United States, but she now lives in Los Angeles and speaks English and Spanish fluently.
  2. Maintaining privacy may be difficult for celebrities, but not for Paloma and Vin Diesel because they are very private people and have kept their affairs away from prying eyes.
  3. Long before she was known for dating Vin Diesel, Paloma had a successful modelling career that began in Mexico, and she has worked with brands like Coca Cola, Honda, and Pantene.
  4. Being very private people, Paloma and Vin’s relationship is not known to many people, and it will surprise many to know that they have been together since 2007 and had their first child in 2008.
  5. The model and entertainer, Paloma, doesn’t fancy social media and appears not to have an Instagram account.
  6. There is a huge age gap between her and her partner; Paloma is nearly 16 years younger than Vin Diesel. She turned 38 in August 2021, while Vin turned 54 in July 2021.
  7. According to her IMDB page, the only on-screen appearance Paloma ever made was in an episode of Otro Rollo con: Adal Ramones in 2014 — a comedy/variety show that ran from 1995 to 2007.
  8. Paloma Jiménez feet have a four-star rating on the celebrity foot database, Wikifeet. Sadly, the website currently only has one photo of her feet.
  9. Paloma Jimenez’s parents let her explore modelling from a young age, and education was not a priority of theirs. She got to pursue a career in modelling right after high school, got a modelling coach and started auditioning for jobs.
  10. The model boasts of a net worth of approximately $5 million from her television/commercial roles and modelling gigs.

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Paloma Jiménez modeling career

Paloma has a well-sculpted body frame of about 178 meters in height and weighs 62 kilos. It was evident that she was born to be a model. Her parents allowed her to explore her chances at modelling from a young age and didn’t make tertiary education a do or die affair. As soon as she graduated high school, she went to a modelling coach and began to audition for serious gigs. The Mexican beauty was a prominent model in Mexico’s fashion industry before she moved to the US.

She was a cover girl for the Mexican edition of Maxim magazine in 2005 and the now-defunct Max magazine in 2006. In 2006, she walked the runway at the Ready to Wear – Spring/Summer fashion show for designers like Alberto Rodriguez, Carlo Demichelis, Citrico, Guillermo Vargas, Hector Terrones, Jorge Castellanos, Lily of France, and Roberto Villareal. She also modelled for Abel Ibanez, Clara Gonzalez, Nestor Osuna, and Pineda Covalin at the Ready to Wear – Spring/Summer 2007 fashion show.

She is represented by ID Model Management and Look Models, two of the world’s top leading modelling agencies.

Acting credits

So far, Paloma has only one acting credit. In 2004, she was featured in an episode of the Mexican comedy and variety show Otro Rollo con: Adal Ramones. The show also featured superstars such as Ricky Martin, Dwayne Johnson, Sofia Vergara, Paulina Rubio, Elton John, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and more.

Relationship with Vin Diesel (Who is Vin Diesel married to)

As already established, Paloma and Vin Diesel are very private people who have kept details of their relationship very hush-hush. In fact, it took many years for the public to know that they were an item. For this reason, there may not be as much information as you may look forward to.

Paloma and Vin have been together for several years now. The pair began their relationship in 2007, and 2021 makes it 14 years since they have been together. At the 2017 premiere of Vin’s film The Return of Xander Cage, he said of Paloma, “She is so stunningly beautiful. She’s my everything. She is a rock and a good mother.”

The model has been supportive of her partner’s career through the years. In 2013, she was right by his side when Vin Diesel earned himself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She has also been seen walking the red carpet with him on several occasions.

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Despite rumours of separation that circulated in 2016, the couple are waxing strong. In 2016, several reports published on unreliable news outlets citing dubious sources alleged that Diesel had cheated on Jiménez. It was said that Paloma was considering going back to modelling and “taking back control of her life”. The rumours were later debunked and declared false by Diesel’s representative.

Many people ask, “Are they married, though?”, and the answer is no. We, of course, wouldn’t put it past them to actually have a wedding ceremony and keep it private. There’s, however, more to learn about their relationship.

Vin Diesel

Born 18 July 1967, Mark Sinclair, known professionally as Vin Diesel, is an American actor and filmmaker. Per Vin Diesel ethnicity, he has stated that he is “of ambiguous ethnicity.” This is because he had a white mother and adoptive African-American father. His biological mother has English, German, and Scottish roots, and he never met his biological father.

As one of the world’s highest-grossing actors, he is best known for playing Dominic Toretto in the Fast & Furious franchise. Vin began his career in 1990 but struggled to gain roles until he wrote, directed, produced, and starred in the short film Multi-Facial in 1995. This attracted the attention of Steven Spielberg, and consequently, Vin landed a role in Saving Private Ryan.

Diesel portrays Groot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero films and is set to reprise the role for the fifth time. He is the founder of the production company One Race Films and the record label Racetrack Records.

Diesel, as earlier stated, prefers a private life. As he once said: “I come from the Harrison Ford, Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino code of silence.” Years before meeting Paloma, Diesel dated his Fast & Furious co-star Michelle Rodriguez, and he is also the godfather of Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow.

Vin Diesel kids

Though unmarried, Paloma Jimenez and Vin diesel have welcomed three adorable children. They had their first child, Hania Riley Sinclair, in 2008 when Paloma was 24. She often accompanies her parents to events and was captured attending the premiere of the film Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014. Hania practices judo and jiu-jitsu and holds a black belt. She shares a special bond with her father. When she was just seven years old, she sent a heartful message to Vin, wishing him good luck for an upcoming movie.

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In 2015, when Vin appeared in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he talked about how sweetly his daughter texts him and sends him good wishes for his projects. He shared one of the texts sent by Hania while he was filming The Last Witch Hunter to him that read: “Hi Daddy!, I love you so much and I’m so proud of you. I miss you so much and I believe in you that you will make an awesome movie, I love you so much and I miss you so much.”

In 2010, the lovers welcomed Vincent Sinclair, their second child. In many of Vin’s videos on social media, Vincent can be seen imitating his father a lot. They both shared a message of hope amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Vin posted a video on his Instagram highlighting the positive aspects of Coronavirus where Vincent says the pandemic has made us a global family.

Pauline Sinclair

Pauline Sinclair is the youngest child and second daughter of Paloma and Vin. She was born on 16 March 2015, and her name is a tribute to the couple’s dearest late friend, Paul Walker. Walker and Diesel were longtime besties until his passing and appeared together in all instalments of the Fast & Furious franchise.

In a 2015 interview, Vin said: “There’s no other person that I was thinking about as I was cutting this umbilical cord. I just…knew he was there. It felt like, you know, a way to keep his memory a part of my family and a part of my world.”

Vin Diesel net worth 2020

According to Celebrity Networth, Vin Diesel currently has a net worth of $255 million. The Fast and Furious franchise made him one of the highest-paid actions stars in the world. He can easily earn as much as $50 million per year, depending on his film output.

Between June 2019 and June 2020, the actor earned $55 million between his various endeavours. Roughly $20 million of his earnings during that period came from an upfront base salary for F9. He earns more from a backend equity stake in the film that pays a cut of profits.

Paloma Jiménez net worth

As we mentioned before, Paloma has a net worth of approximately $5 million from her television/commercial roles and modelling gigs. She has worked with many of the most prestigious brands in the world.


It appears Paloma Jiménez stopped being a full-time model in order to focus on her home. A big sacrifice when you consider all angles. She has however found fulfilment in other things and can of course pick off from where she left off if and when she wants to.

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