The rise of American model Violet Summers, one of the youngest adult entertainers of our time

Violet Summers is a social media personality, adult film actress, and an American model, born on 28 November 1999, best known for her sexy and explicit photos on Instagram. The 21-year-old adult film actress was born in Arizona and raised in Texas. She grew up cheerleading and dancing in her free time before starting her career at a young age, garnering attention by posting her sexy and seductive photos on Instagram.

Her activities gained much recognition from prominent individuals and organisations. At a point, the young Violet was named Penthouse Pet of the Month for April 2020. That was after she extended her Instagram account to millions of followers and featured in that year’s journal publication. Many people know her for how often she wears lingerie or swimwear in most of her Instagram photos.

With a staggering 10.6 million followers on Instagram alone, there is no gainsaying that her raunchy content is widely loved. Other than her modelling, she has put her platform to good use by inspiring women to be happy, proud, and confident in their skin. She has secured a decent amount of endorsements since emerging as a social media sensation.


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Sexiness is one of the most marketable concepts on social media, and Violet Summers has it in loads. She has tapped into it and used it to her advantage, both career and profit-wise. We have put together this biography because of curiosity about her among the general public and her fans. Please keep reading to know more about her career, personal life, net worth and more. Firstly, see these ten facts about the young model.

10 interesting Violet Summers facts

  1. Violet’s journey to stardom first started when she was just 17 years old— it was when she made her first post on Instagram.
  2. As of today, she has a combined followership of over 11million on Instagram — 10.6 million on her verified main page and 1.1 million on her backup page.
  3. Violet Summers height is 5 foot 4 inches, which equates to 1.60 meters or 160 centimetres, and she weighs around 55 kilograms (121 lbs). Her measurements are 34-26-35.
  4. Apart from modelling and acting, Violet is also very passionate about fitness and keeping in shape. Not surprising, as the body is every model’s most priced asset.
  5. To mention a few of her interests, Violet is an avid pet lover and is big on travelling and photography.
  6. As an actor, Violet Summers made her debut in 2017 when she was cast in the film “Oz Comic-Con The Movie.”
  7. Violet has a Nudiez account that can be accessed at a fee to view her content that is too racy for the social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and the likes.
  8. She loves sneakers. In a bid to switch up her looks, Violet searched for options and came across Instagrammer Alexis Ren, who rocks sneakers. Violet emulated Alexis’ style and started wearing sneakers too. She currently owns more than 110 pairs of sneakers.
  9. Violet has a supportive family, and rather than criticise her for her choice of career; they stood by her.
  10. Regarding Violet’s net worth, there are different figures reported by various sources. She currently has a net worth somewhere around $700,000 and $2 million.

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Violet Summers family and early life

Violet was raised by her mother and grandmother, alongside her two sisters and brother, who she loves dearly. There is no information about what her mother does or what happened to her father. Violet was a high school cheerleader, and she has always been confident in her skin from a young age. There is every possibility that her experience with cheerleading prepared her for a life of performing for an audience.

She has also revealed that rather than her family looking down on her chosen path, they completely support her. This encouragement helped her cope with the backlash she received from the public, as she was always confident her family had her back.


Violet started her professional career as an adult film actress and an erotic model at a tender age. She was just 17 years old when she started sharing sexy and seductive images on Instagram, and with it came much exposure and recognition. None of this is a surprise, as nothing sells more than sexiness on the internet in today’s world.

During her career, she has worked with different recognised brands like Penthouse, and they made her the Penthouse Pet for April 2020. Featuring on the publication’s cover broadened her worldwide exposure and boosted her following on social media. Her followership on Instagram saw a rapid upsurge, and as of when this article was published, she boasts of 10.6 million of them on her main page and 1.1 million on her backup page. She also has almost 200,000 followers on her TikTok account.

Nudiez – Violet Summers videos

Social media pages like Instagram, TikTok and the likes have content regulations. As a result of this, there are some types of content that aren’t allowed there. Violet has a subscription-based page on Nudiez, in addition to her social media pages. To access exclusive material that is too racy for social media, one only needs to follow her, tip her and pay per view. She has 772,000 followers on there.

She has collaborations with fellow adult entertainers like Toochi Kash, who has over 5millon followers on Instagram.

Violets tv Instagram

Summers is on Instagram as and her backup handle is While the platform’s terms of use does not allow her post explicit contents, she comes as near as possible to posting them.

Violet Summers Twitter

Violet joined Twitter in May 2016. Like Instagram, she posts sexy photos there and redirects her audience to her Nudiez account. She currently has a total of 781.5K followers there.

Violet Summers Onlyfans

Asides from her Nudiez account, where subscribers pay per view to access her explicit contents, Violet also has an Onlyfans. The exclusive account offers several unlocked contents and allows access to her DM. The subscription goes for $9.99/month.

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Personal life

It is not a surprise that people want inside gist about Violet’s personal life. Her line of work warrants it as it attracts a lot of attention. More than anything else, the public is curious about her love life. However, it may be surprising to know that Violet has remained focused on her work and career and has had no known romantic involvements. There are other interesting aspects of her personal life that we will bring to the fore.

Violet is an animal lover. As made obvious by her Instagram page, she has a pet dog, a French bulldog she is regularly seen driving around in tow with. She also admires birds, cats, and other animals.

Violet also enjoys travelling. She loves to experience different places, new things and people. She has several posts where she is traversing other states, having fun, and catching sunsets.

Of course, dressing up is her thing. It is interesting to know that the model is obsessed with mermaid-inspired accessories and clothing. One of the things that Violet is known for is her sneaker game. At first, the model rocked flats and flip-flops before switching up her style. In her bid to change her looks, she explored the internet for options and stumbled on Alexis Ren. Ren is a popular model with over 14 million Instagram followers; she has a unique style that Violet emulated by integrating sneakers into her wardrobe.

She has since invested in sneakers from high-end brands like the Air Jordan, Yeezy, Louis Vuitton, and others. Currently, she owes more than 110 pairs of sneakers, and she is still adding more.


Violet is something of a fitness freak. Due to the pandemic, she became less of that during the lockdown period in 2020. She spent a great deal of time in the Gym and would post videos of her fitness sessions on her social media stories.

Violet Summers net worth

Violet’s content has attracted a lot of endorsement deals from lingerie companies, which forms a big part of her income. She also makes money through her Nudiez account and Onlyfans, where users subscribe and pay to access her content. In addition to these, she recently started a YouTube account where she shares videos and makes money from views.

However, as earlier hinted, there has not been a definite number put to her net worth yet. She is believed to have worth something between $700,000 and $2 million, an impressive amount for her age and one that most definitely will increase in the years to come.


Yet another evidence of the power of the internet and social media; a teenager becoming a sensation just by making a few posts on the internet. From all indications, Violet has managed her fame with considerable maturity and has kept her work separate from her personal life. She has also focused on securing the bag and kept away from romantic relations.

With the recognition that she has received so far, it is evident that she will do more incredible things in the future. Who knows, she may go on to become an adult entertainment legend or explore other potentials in the years to come. Whatever route she chooses to go, she already has the platform, and she is bound to excel.

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