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Demolition Ranch is a one-stop shop for all things explosive, awe-inspiring, and downright entertaining. Demolition Ranch is the brainchild of an incredibly passionate and charismatic individual who has captured the hearts of millions with his unique take on firearms and related topics.

But it’s not just about blowing stuff up (although, let’s admit, that’s a huge part of the appeal). Demolition Ranch goes above and beyond, seamlessly combining entertainment with education. It’s like having a friend who knows their way around firearms and is eager to share their knowledge in the most engaging way possible.

Its distinct approach sets Demolition Ranch apart from the rest of the pack. Our fearless host takes us on an adventure where he tests various firearms, conducts mind-blowing experiments, and even explores some of the most pressing issues surrounding responsible gun ownership.

So, whether you’re a firearms enthusiast, a curious learner, or looking for good old-fashioned entertainment, Demolition Ranch has got you covered.

Who Is Demolition Ranch?

The charismatic Dr. Matt Carriker was born on October 21, 1986, in Boerne, Texas. Matt’s journey to becoming the face of Demolition Ranch is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

While at Texas A&M University, Matt pursued a degree in Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, completing his studies in 2008. His insatiable thirst for knowledge led him to acquire his veterinary license in 2012, setting the stage for an extraordinary career.

But little did he know that his passion for firearms and his knack for entertaining would soon collide most remarkably. It was in 2011 that Matt, fueled by his love for shooting and making videos, decided to create Demolition Ranch as a humble hobby.

Demolition Ranch
DemolitionRanch anchor with is gun collection. | Image Source: youtube.com

What began as a way to indulge in his interests quickly transformed into something far greater. With each video, Matt poured his heart and soul into showcasing his collection of firearms, capturing the attention of viewers worldwide. The thrill of sharing his experiences and the joy of entertaining others propelled him forward, making Demolition Ranch his ultimate passion.

Matt realized that his newfound venture could generate income as the number of subscribers multiplied. It was a win-win situation! From one loyal follower to another, the Demolition Ranch family grew exponentially, showering Matt with support and fueling his drive to create even more captivating content.

Within a year, the steady flow of viewers had turned into a roaring river of eager fans, all mesmerized by Matt’s exceptional content. As the face of Demolition Ranch, Matt, also known as Dr. Matt Carriker, brought his veterinary expertise to the forefront, creating a unique channel where firearms and animal care intertwined.

In addition to Demolition Ranch, Matt runs another incredible channel called Vet Ranch. This platform showcases his veterinary knowledge and the compassionate side of his persona. It’s a testament to his multifaceted talents and desire to positively impact the world.

How much money does Demolition Ranch have?

Each day, the collective videos on the Demolition Ranch channel receive an average of a jaw-dropping 600,000 views. That’s enough eyeballs to fill an entire football stadium, eagerly devouring Demolition Ranch’s explosive content.

With such an immense viewership, it’s no surprise that Demolition Ranch generates substantial income from advertisements. It’s estimated that ads generate a staggering $4,800 daily for this extraordinary channel. That’s a mind-boggling $1.7 million a year.

This is because YouTube content creators based in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia typically earn between $2 and $12 per 1000 monetized views after YouTube takes its share. Monetized views usually range from 40% to 80% of the total views, so there’s still plenty of room for growth and financial success in Demolition Ranch.

In addition to this, Demolition Ranch has a multitude of income streams beyond advertisements. Additional methods such as YouTube Premium, Superchats & Superstickers, Super Thanks, Channel Membership, and even Shopping contribute to the financial success of Demolition Ranch.

Demolition Ranch Stats

Demolition Ranch, a YouTube sensation, has captured the hearts of 11.3 million subscribers as of this writing. This explosive channel has been rocking the scene since January 3, 2011, with 635 captivating videos. And the numbers don’t lie, as the channel has amassed a mind-boggling total of 2,310,010,271 views and counting.

Most popular videos

Demolition Ranch checking out one of his guns
Demolition Ranch checking out one of his guns

These gems have garnered millions of views and have become legendary within the Demolition Ranch community. The explosive spectacle is titled “How Deep into Dirt Will It Go?” This heart-pounding video took the world by storm, amassing a staggering 24 million views. It’s hard to believe that this epic adventure happened five years ago, but its impact continues to resonate with viewers.

Next on the list is the pulse-pounding question, “Is Titanium Bulletproof?” This thrilling episode captivated audiences seven years ago and amassed a jaw-dropping 22 million views. Moving along, we stumble upon a riveting video titled “Forcing Hickok to Review Guns he’s uncomfortable with…” This fascinating collaboration pushed boundaries and garnered 22 million views within four years.

Other channels

As mentioned earlier, Demolition Ranch has multiple channels on YouTube. Here are some of his know avenues:


OffTheRanch is a YouTube channel that will take you on a thrilling journey through the eyes of its creator. With an impressive 4.28 million subscribers, OffTheRanch is a force to be reckoned with. Here are some numbers that have made OffTheRanch a sensation:

Since its inception on April 16, 2007, this extraordinary channel has produced 971 videos, each packed with excitement and adventure. And the views? OffTheRanch has accumulated a jaw-dropping total of 892,841,449 views.

Most popular videos

Top 10 Ways To Kill Ants” is a fascinating video that garnered 25 million views, captivating viewers with ingenious methods to tackle those pesky little creatures.

There is also an adventure of a different kind. “So… I Bought an Abandoned Mansion…” took viewers on an unforgettable exploration of an enigmatic and neglected residence. With 8.5 million views, this thrilling escapade had audiences.

Vet Ranch

Vet Ranch is a YouTube channel dedicated to bringing hope and healing to our beloved furry friends. With an impressive following of 2.8 million subscribers, Vet Ranch has become a beacon of compassion and care online.

Vet Ranch is a force to be reckoned with. Since its inception on January 28, 2014, this remarkable channel has produced 460 videos, each highlighting the incredible journey of rescue and recovery. Vet Ranch has amassed an incredible 421,483,397 views, a testament to the profound impact that its content has had on viewers around the globe.

Most popular videos

The heart-melting masterpiece titled “Now That’s a LOT of Puppies!!!” is a heartwarming video that has garnered an astonishing 12 million views, taking us on a joyous journey through a bundle of furry joy.

Next on the list, we have a tale of transformation and second chances. “Let’s Change this Monster Back into a Puppy” captured viewers’ hearts with its incredible story of redemption. With 10 million views, this video showcases the power of love and care in turning a life around. Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions that will leave you feeling inspired.

Demolition Ranch Social media

Your favorite firearms aficionado is just a click away on multiple platforms. On Twitter, you can find the explosive content of Demolition Ranch by simply searching for the handle @DemolitionRanch. This incredible channel has gathered a whopping 214.9K followers! It’s like a digital army of enthusiasts marching alongside Dr. Matt Carriker.

You can also head over to the land of Facebook and discover a treasure trove of explosive content. Demolition Ranch has amassed a staggering 1 million followers on this platform, solidifying its status as a social media sensation.

Additionally, Twitch is the ultimate destination for live-streaming excitement. If you’re craving real-time action, look no further than the channel with the handle @drdemolitionmatt. Here, you’ll find Dr. Matt Carriker engaging with fans and showcasing his explosive skills. And with an impressive following of 199K loyal followers, you’ll never miss a beat regarding Demolition Ranch.

If you’re a fan of eye-catching imagery and behind-the-scenes glimpses, you’ll want to follow the handle @drdemolitionmatt on wrestling. With a staggering 1.5 million followers, this platform offers a visual feast that will leave you in awe.


Through the lens of Dr. Matt Carriker, we’ve witnessed the perfect blend of passion, skill, and entertainment. Demolition Ranch isn’t just a YouTube channel; it’s a community of like-minded individuals who share a love for firearms, animals, and the thrill of discovery. It’s a place where we can come together, learn, and be captivated by the incredible content that Dr. Matt brings to our screens.

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