The USA Is The Leader in Financial Education in the World

Business education in the USA is unquestionably one of the world`s best. Graduates of commerce schools can easily find work in the world’s leading financial institutions, as the United States is considered the center of the latest ideas and technologies in business management. 

The main advantage of this education is that students can study with a career-oriented approach. It helps prepare for work in the business industry and participates in developing technologies and programs. Graduates can work in various global companies, including European, American, and Asian ones. Therefore, by graduating from a business school, a person will have a sufficient level of connections in business and entrepreneurial spheres and possess work experience and practical skills.

Studying Process

Studying at commerce schools is carried out according to the case system when lectures are given on the example of specific economic or financial events. It is the responsibility of students to study the problem, search for alternative solutions, and carefully consider all possible risks. Thanks to the case method, students develop practical skills that will be useful later in their business activities

About 100,000 people annually graduate from business schools in the United States. Most graduates find work in large corporations. The standard salary of a commerce school graduate is almost $95,000 per year. This is due to the possession of complex practical skills and knowledge of a specific area of ??business and management.

Studying at such an educational establishment lasts for two years. Each year costs from $58,000 to $82,000. The price depends on the location of the educational institution, its status, the length of the educational program, and the overall quality of the services provided.

How to Apply to a US Business School?

To begin with, you need to collect all the available info to choose the school that best suits your needs. Please, pay attention to such factors as the institution’s prestige, the cost of education, the number of subjects, and the rating of the courses of a particular teacher. To enter a preferred school for studying business science, all candidates must collect a package of documents. It may differ slightly in a particular business school. In general, you will need the following documents:

  • Higher education diploma
  • Proof of work experience
  • Graduate Management Admission Test results
  • Motivation letter and an essay

After reviewing the documents, the applicant is invited to interview with the selection committee. 

American business schools have successfully trained specialists since the beginning of the 20th century. On average, the cost of training for two years is from 116 thousand to 130 thousand dollars. Stanford, Harvard, and Pennsylvania business schools are in the top five in the United States. Professionals who graduate from these and other prestigious US business schools work in the accounting, management, economics, finance, marketing, advertising, and banking sectors. 

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