Who is Chloe Bridges dating now?

Chloe Bridges, an American actress, was born on 27 December 1991. She is famous for playing the role of DanaTurner in Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam and as Zoey Moreno in the film Freddie which premiered in 2005-2006.

She has also played roles in movies like Forget Me NotNightlightManterventionFamily Weekend, and The Final GirlsThe movie star also acted as Donna LaDonna in The Carrie DiariesKibby in Daytime Divas, and Sydney in Pretty Little Liars.

Chloe Bridges is one gorgeous and sassy actress you would never forget once you’ve watched her movies. Are you curious about Chloe’s personal life, other than her film roles, read on to find out? 

Early Life and Education

Chloe Marisa Suazo Bridges was born in Louisiana, US. She grew up with her parents and went to John Muir School in Southern California. Chloe said she was a nerd back in school, and she won the “Student of the Month Award” in 2005, although she attended movie auditions ceaselessly.

In an interview with Jared, Chloe mentioned that she was not famous in hug school, but only a few people knew her in the same choir unit as her. While in college, she started in a teen thriller series Pretty Little Liars.

She attended Columbia University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree Bridges graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Political Science in 2020.

Top 10 Facts About Chloe Bridges

  1. Chloe Bridges was born on 27 December 1991, and she’d be celebrating her 31st birthday this year, 2022.
  2. Bridges’ parents relocated to Los Angeles when she was only thirteen, and from that age, she started acting in movies, little wonder she plays her roles perfectly.
  3. Beyond just acting, Chloe is a good singer, and she also plays the piano. While in school, her fellow schoolmates referred to her as a nerd.
  4. Chloe is an inspiration to young people out there. Although she acts nasty in some movies, she is not a wayward person, and she is softhearted. Chloe loves inspirational quotes, which help keep her calm when directors don’t select her for roles in a movie.
  5. Although the judges did not select Chloe to act in CampRock 1, we all know that she was a Disney kid. She badly wanted to work in CampRock; however, during the second CampRock movie, the directors and judges selected her, and she played the role of Nick Jona’s love.
  6. Despite being a young lady in her early thirties, Chloe has appeared in more than forty movies. And she has also been featured in three music videos.
  7. Chloe is an exceptionally brilliant lady; you’ll find her studying whenever she is not acting in movies. She is a self-motivated lady.
  8. Aside from her talent in singing and acting, Chloe has a hidden talent we may never get to see on screen. She knows how to create double-jointed contortion films, which could land her more roles in the movie industry.
  9. Adam Devine, who acted in Pitch Perfect, dated Chloe Bridges for four years, after which the movie stars married.
  10. Chloe’s husband had a fatal accident when he was eleven. He survived it and turned his pain into joy by making others laugh. This was how he started a career in comedy.

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Chloe bridges


Chloe started a career in acting in 2005 when she played the role of Zoey Moreno in the movie Freddie. The film centered around the real-life experiences of Freddie, who grew up around women.

The movie star went to audition for the film CampRock, but unfortunately, the judges gave her role to Demi Lovato. However, in the second CampRock movie, she played the role of Dana Turner. 

Chloe played roles in Forget Me Not and Legally BlondesShe also appeared in The Final Jam, which premiered in 2010 on Disney Channel. Chloe played the supporting role in a horror movie as Nia in the thriller movie Nightlight

Bridges starred as Kibby in the drama series Daytime Divas in 2016. Kibby was a child who was recovering from addiction. The movie premiered in 2017. Bridges played the role of Roxy Buckley in the comedy series Insatiable.

Personal Life

Chloe Bridges and Devine met on set during the horror movie The Final Girls, where they played supporting roles. Although they both kept their relationship private at first, they started dating, just like other celebrities do.

However, the news of their relationship got to the public space in 2015, and they didn’t care; instead, they continued showing their love and affection for one another privately and publicly.

They attended movies together, and in 2015, they traveled to Disneyland together and attended Sam Smith’s concert alongside their mutual friends. In 2017, they both participated in a Clippers game in Los Angeles, displaying public affection for one another.

From their disposition toward each other. They got married in October 2021, and it is evident that these two are really in love, although they still have normal disagreements like normal couples.

Her Husband-Adam Patrick Devine 

Adam Devine was born on 7 November 1973 In Lowa, and his parents, Penny and Dennis Devine, raised him in Nebraska. He is a comedian, screenwriter, singer, and actor. Adam went to Millar South High School and graduated in 2002, after which Devine proceeded to Orange Coast College with his future co-star and friend, Blake Anderson. The famous star later relocated to Los Angeles, where he started a career in comedy and acting.

Adam is one of the co-creators and stars of the comedy series Adam Devine’s House Party and WorkaholicsDeVine played the role of Adam DeMamp in Workaholics and Andy Bailey in Modern Family. He acted as Bumper in the well-known movies Pitch Perfect1 and Pitch Perfect 2.

Chloe bridges and her husband Devine

Devine Had an Accident

When Devine was eleven, he was walking with his bicycle, and there were cement trucks on the road, he waited for three of the trucks to pass, and before he knew it, the fourth truck hit him.

Out of shock, he went into a coma, and the people around him took him to the hospital’s intensive care unit; Devine gained consciousness two weeks later. He broke the bones in his legs, his lungs collapsed, and several infections.

The doctors performed 26 surgeries on him, and most of the time, he was in a wheelchair, the doctors even contemplated amputating his legs, but with time, he got better. However, he has severe scars on his legs.

When he resumed school again, students bullied him, but instead of getting depressed, he cracked jokes to take their minds away from his injuries, and that was how he began comedies.


Devine is a philanthropist who works with a non-profit organization, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, that raise funds for pediatric hospitals in the US. The doctors treated him when he was a child in the children’s hospital, which made him dedicated to visiting the children, attending charity events, and sharing his survival story, which provides comfort to the sick children and parents.

Social Media

Chloe Suazo is very active on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On Facebook, she is @chloebridges with 293k active followers, while on Instagram, she is @chloebridges with 705k followers. Chloe is @chloebridges on Twitter with 197k followers.

Whereas her celebrity husband, Adams Devine, is also active on Facebook @adamdevine with 488k followers. On Twitter, he is @adamdevine with 676k followers, while on Instagram, he is @adamdevine with 2.5 million followers.  

Net Worth

Being a young lady in her early thirties, Chloe has acquired a net worth of $2 million from her acting and singing profession. In contrast, her husband, Adam Devine, has also earned a net worth of $8 million from his career in comedy and movies.


Chloe Bridges is an exceptionally talented movie star who has proven that anybody can rise to the top, provided they dedicate themselves to their chosen career. We are impressed with her works in the entertainment industry and hope to keep our eyes glued to our screens as we expect more of her movies.

On the other hand, her husband suffered a terrible accident when he was eleven, which made him go into comedy to remove his mind from the pain he suffered.

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