Who is American actress Brooke Langton? See career facts, net worth, and more

Born 27 November 1970, American actress Brooke Langton is a model and Hollywood star. She is best known for the role of Samantha Reilly in the Fox prime time soap opera Melrose Place, from 1996 to 1998. She is also known for her lead role in the short-lived USA Network drama series The Net (1998–99) and was the female lead in the 2000 comedy film The Replacements.

Brooke was born in Arizona, US, and initially worked as a model in Japan. While in her early twenties, she began her acting career doing minor roles in TV series such as Beverley Hills and Baywatch. The actress made her film debut, playing a minor role in the action film Terminal Velocity. Over the following years, she has appeared in other films such as Swingers and Mixed Signals, just to mention a few.

An almost 30-year career in whatever field is a big deal, and there are many stories to tell within it. To have an active career that long in Hollywood means, simply, to have “been there, done that.” Brooke Langton may not be as famous in today’s film industry like many of her younger colleagues, but her accomplishments aren’t any less noteworthy.

In a few headings and subheadings, we will shine some light on Brooke’s career, her personal life and then some. For starters, below are ten interesting facts about the film star.

10 facts about Brooke Langton

  1. Apart from films and TV series, Brooke also did music videos. She occasionally appeared in the music videos of top-rated performers of her time.
  2. Though the series Melrose Place gave her popularity, the first recognition Brooke Langton received was for her work with superstar Charlie Sheen in Terminal Velocity.
  3. In the early stages of her career, critics said she only had a lucky break and would fade away in no time. Safe to say, she proved them all wrong.
  4. Brooke has a great family heritage. Her maternal grandfather was a heroic bomber pilot of the Second World War.
  5. She fancied the Sciences just like her father and had a special interest in Marine Biology. Her teachers, in fact, predicted that she would pursue a degree in the field.
  6. At the age of 22, she tried her hand at casting for her first television project Freshman Dorm, and she got a role in an episode of the show. By that time, she had already been actively attending special courses, where she practised acting.
  7. Brooke has always been distinguished by sheer versatility and range. She isn’t tied or limited to a specific type of role in her acting work.
  8. She had multiple relationships with celebrities, including George Clooney and David Chokachi.
  9. In 2015 Langton participated as a contestant on the Swedish show Allt för Sverige (Everything for Sweden), where she competed against other Americans for the prize to get to know her Swedish family and roots.
  10. According to Celebrity Networth, Brooke currently has a net worth of $2 million.

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Early life, family background and education

Langton was born in Arizona to geologist Jackson Langton and his wife, a surgical nurse. Her maternal grandfather, Stephen Cummings, was a World War II bomber pilot, and her aunt Sally Spalding is a script supervisor. Langton was raised in Illinois and Texas, and she attended Herscher High School, L. D. Bell High School and San Diego State University. She was a model working primarily in Japan before starting her acting career. Her maternal grandmother was a Swedish farmer who emigrated to Minnesota.

Career – Brooke Langton movies and TV shows

In 1992, Brooke Langton began her acting career, appearing in episodes of several popular TV shows, including Beverley Hills90210Freshman Dorm and Baywatch. She made her film debut in 1994 in the action film Terminal Velocity, where she played a minor role of a drug addict. The film, which was directed by Deran Sarafian, was a commercial failure. Four years later, Brooke gained popularity after landing a main role in a TV show. Keep reading to see more of her notable works.

Melrose Place

As Samantha in Melrose Place

Melrose Place is an American television soap opera that aired on Fox from July 1992 to May 1999 (7 seasons). The show follows the lives of a group of young adults living in an apartment complex called Melrose Place in West Hollywood, California. It earned several Golden Globe nominations and placed #51 on Entertainment Weekly’s New TV Classics list.

Brooke played the role of Samantha Reilly, who first appeared in season 4 as a recurring character. Samantha is Jane’s roommate, an artist from Maryland, who has moved to Los Angeles to continue her craft. She was working at Jane’s store (later Sydney’s) but lost her job after the store closed down due to a lawsuit. Samantha got arrested for protecting her convict father after he broke out of prison. Brooke later became a main cast member from the 5th season of the show till the final season.

The Replacements (film) – Keanu Reeves football movie

The Replacements is a 2000 American sports comedy film directed by Howard Deutch. The film was loosely based on the 1987 NFL strike, specifically the Washington Redskins, who won all three replacement games without any of their regular players and went on to win Super Bowl XXII.

Brooke Langton starred in a main role as Annabelle Farrell. Annabelle was the Head cheerleader for the Washington Sentinels and owner of a bar on 8th Street in Washington.

Brooke Langton in Keanu Reeves football movie, The Replacements
Langton as a Cheerleader in The Replacements

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Life is an American crime drama television series created by Rand Ravich. The series stars Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews, a detective released from prison after serving twelve years for a crime he did not commit. The series won a 2008 AFI Award for Best television series.

Langton played the role of ADA Constance Griffiths. She was Charlie Crews’ attorney who was instrumental in finding and proving his innocence, leading to his release. As a result, Constance was asked to become an Assistant District Attorney, which she accepted. Constance was a main character in Season 1. Originally, Melissa Sagemiller was cast to play the role, but Langton replaced her in July 2007.

Other notable works

In 1998, she played the lead role in the American TV series The Net. The series was created by Deborah Pratt and is based on a 1995 movie of the same name. She played a significant role in the 2007 horror film Primeval — about a man-eating crocodile from Burundi, named Gustave. The film received negative reviews from critics. The same year, Langton started appearing in the TV series Friday Night Lights. Developed by Peter Berg, the show was a huge success and won several awards, including a Peabody Award and an Emmy Award.

Langton also played the lead role in the romantic drama film Beautiful Dreamer. The story was about two childhood sweethearts who are separated after one of them becomes a bomber pilot; it won nine significant awards.

Is Brooke Langton married?

This is a question frequently asked about the actress and model. The answer is not as simple as one might hope. If Brooke is married, she has kept it a top-secret as there is no evidence pointing to such fact. There are rumours that she has been with an American CEO, but no proof. She, however, has a son (Zane) from one of her previous relationships. Again, nothing is known about the father.

In 1997 she was in a relationship with David Chokachi, an American actor, but they separated in 1998. She later had an affair with the golfer, Tiger Woods, but that didn’t last too long either.

Is Brooke Langton married?
Brooke Langton with Andrew Sue in Melrose Place.

It was rumoured that she married Nett Solution CEO Carl Hagmaier in 2005 in a private wedding, but the rumours were never verified. Brooke is also rumoured to have once dated American actor, director, producer, screenwriter, activist, businessman, and philanthropist George Clooney.

Brooke Langton net worth

As earlier stated, Brooke has a net worth of $2 million, according to Celebrity Networth. The figure is, of course, a little underwhelming, considering how long she has been in the industry. It can be chalked up to the fact that she never really struck gold as far as commercial success goes.


Brooke Langton may not be the most famous or wealthiest actor, but she has made a tangible contribution to the industry. What’s more, she is still very much active, and her time is far from over. It isn’t out of place to expect more and even greater feats from her in the years that lay ahead. Who knows, some awards or box office hits might be waiting for her down the line.

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