Tixee Review: Financial Service [2022]

Does The Tixee Financial Service Provider’s User Agreement Benefit Traders More Than It Does Them?


  • Introduction to the Financial Service Provider; regulations, parent companies and location of the teams.
  • What Tixee Clients agreement involves; terms and parties included; account, company’s website, CFD, Client, company and lots more.
  • Risks and potential benefits
  • Tixee Trading Accounts, fees and withdrawal and communication.


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Tixee brokerage service is strict with its user agreement and terms users must agree to before opening a trading account or accessing any other of its services.

Buttressing this point, three financial regulators actively regulate Tixee through its umbrella companies.

  • Financial Services Authority Seychelles (FSA) regulates Tixee through Pipbull LTD with the License: SD061
  • (FSCA) Financial Sector Conduct Authority through GVT KORIMZA (PTY) LTD.
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) regulates the broker through GVD Korimcy with the License 411/22.

With regulations as tight as these, users must understand what they’re signing up for with the Tixee platform.

Tixee’s financial regulators ensure clients’ asset security and protection in addition to preventing financial fraud and money laundering.

What Tixee Clients’ Agreement Involves; Terms And Parties Involved

Tixee user agreement majorly consigns two parties: the Client and the Financial Service Provider (FSP), Tixee.

On the other hand, third parties like Tixee’s financial partners, administrators, and security partners might be involved with a few contracted conditions.

Tixee’s customer agreement define specific terms relating to the contracted parties, including the following:

  • Know-Your-Customer, AML (Anti-Money-Laundering), and other applicable regulations.
  • The Client, defined as any Tixee customer using ANY of its services.
  • Financial Instruments; CFD trading instruments; Forex, Crypto, etc.
  • Services: responsibilities of the platform; services provided to the clients under the contract.
  • Trading Platform Underlying Asset
  • Accounts maintained by Tixee for Clients.

Read the full list of the contract terms definition.

What services does the Tixee user agreement require of it and its clients?

The regulated financial service provider Tixee and its clients must agree:

  • That Tixee act as a trusted security dealer in managing clients’ accounts, information, in-trade margins, payment, and other transactions on its website or its partners as the contract dictates.
  • To understand the trading and investment risks before creating a Tixee account.
  • That regardless of any trading insights and educational resources provided by Tixee, the ultimate trading decisions fall on the Client, and Tixee is not liable for any risk incurred.
  • The clients are 100% fine with providing the information and documentation required to satisfy the KYC and AML for account opening.
  • The company can peruse and judge the submitted documents’ credibility and request for a resubmission, even if any previously approved documents are discovered to be forged or expired.
  • That Tixee can exert proper responses if a client account is found connected with criminal operations.
  • To carry out periodic virus checks.
  • To inform the platform of any breach in their account information or instruction on their part.

Read more on Tixees services and account details.

Tixee offers four trading account types:

  • Entry
  • Standard
  • Premium 
  • VIP

Users can select accounts based on their trading strategy, experience level, budget, and personal preference.

Open an account today.

Tixee offers extensive 24/5 customer support

Tixee offers multi-lingual customer support through phone calls, emails, and live chats 24 hours daily for five days a week, the weekly trading days.

Users still enjoy weekend customer support, but they don’t extend for 24 hours.

Tixee user agreement pros:

  • Tixee’s educational support, regulations, and customer care assure users of secured, helpful, and controlled-risk trading.
  • Users know what to expect from Tixee on joining the platform; no funny surprises.

Tixee user agreement cons:

  • Users have to submit boatloads of private documentation to satisfy the platform’s KYC and AML regulations.

Fees and Commissions:

Clients must familiarize themselves with Tixee’s fees and commissions, including:

  • Spread charges; determined by account type and financial instrument.
  • Commission
  • Currency conversion
  • Overnight Funding

Visit Tixee’s official website for more Information.

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