Tesla Stock rises | See most valuable companies in 2021

Elon Musk’s Tesla has joined the list of elite companies as one of the most valuable companies in 2021 with a market capitalization that exceeds $1 trillion. The surge in Tesla Stock has also increased Musk’s Net worth sharply as a result.

Tesla, which is one of the first carmakers to join the exclusive club, reached the milestone after its stock crossed $1,000 for the first time following a 14.5 percent rally on the NASDAQ index.

On Monday morning, 25 October 2021, Tesla stock rose after car rental company Hertz announced a deal to buy Elon Musk’s 100,000 electric cars in an overhaul of its rental group.

The order, described as an early one, is part of the Intald rental-car company that provides “the largest EV rental fleet in North America and the world’s largest airline,” which will be delivered by the end of 2022.

Hertz interim CEO Mark Fields, who led Ford from 2014 to 2017 and was appointed Hertz CEO earlier this month, said: 

“Electric vehicles are now mainstream, and we’re just beginning to see increasing global demand and interest. The new Hertz Mobility will lead as the largest EV rental fleet in North America and our commitment to grow our EV fleet and provide the best rental and recharging experience for leisure and business customers worldwide.”

According to Tesla, the Tesla Model 3 sedans will be available to customers in major US markets and parts of Europe by early November.

Basically, a company’s value implies the worth of a business. The company’s value is how much it would cost to purchase it or a company’s selling price. It’s an estimate of the economic value of owner(s) interest in a business.

If you would like to make an investment in a company, before you go ahead, you’ll want to determine its value to see if it will be worth your time and money to invest in the company. Here is a list of some of the most valuable companies in the world.

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Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the electronics industry. In March 2021, the company’s market cap crossed the $2 trillion threshold, which made the company hold the #1 position as the most valuable company in the world.

Also, Apple occupies the first position on the most expensive brands list. Many people widely recognize the company’s logo across the globe as Apple has become one of the most successful brands.

The company, established on 1 April 1976 by Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Jobs, has its value estimated at $2,382 trillion by rating agencies.

The founders initially engaged the company in the assembling of home computers and producing proprietary models of PC. However, their greatest success came in recent years with the introduction of its mobile products to the world — the iPhone smartphones and the iPad tablets.


Windows 11 software

The software development company is a famous corporation founded in 1975 by Bill Gates, who is one of the richest men in the world.

The Microsoft Windows operating system became quite popular quickly as it allowed ordinary users to master PC skills easily. Due to this, the software system brought the company incredible success with huge profits.

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GoogleGoogle is a famous search engine company that recently changed its official name to Alphabet because it was out of the scope of the Google search engine long ago. It owns plenty of other companies as well, including YouTube, Android, Orion, reCAPTCHA, and others.

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The mega-company, which was jointly created in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, has its headquarters in California.

Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco is a Saudi Arabian Oil Company that became one of the most expensive companies globally after the successful issue of its shares on the stock exchange.

The oil giant has exceeded all expectations with its IPO, which is considered one of the most successful in history. Shortly after releasing its shares on the Tadawul stock exchange, its value almost reached 1.9 trillion dollars.

It officially published its financial statements first in 2019. However, the global pandemic took a rather heavy toll on Saudi Aramco as the company announced a dip in its earnings in 2020 compared with the previous year.

SA already has branches and subsidiaries in China, Japan, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, Great Britain, and other countries. The company also collaborates with Lukoil, Royal Dutch Shell, Total SA, Sinopec, and others.

Today, the company is owned by the Saudi Arabian government, and its main office is located in Dhahran.

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