Glo recharge code 2021: How to load Glo card

After you have acquired a new Glo line as well as learn how to check your Glo number, you may next want to recharge your phone, in other words, to load airtime or credit on your phone. To do this, you need to know the Glo recharge code to enable you to load Glo recharge card. of course, there are other ways to add airtime to your Glo line and we shall also cover them in this post.

Glo recharge code

The Glo recharge code is *123*PIN# where PIN represents the hidden 15-digit recharge card code found on the back of a Glo recharge card. It is revealed when a subscriber peels off the silver-coloured panel on the back of a recharge card. However, the number is not hidden in paper-printed recharge vouchers. An example of a Glo recharge card with the silver peel removed is shown below.

Glo mobile recharge card

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In summary,  the recharge code *123*PIN# is one of the ways you can credit your Glo Mobile sim card to allow you to access most services offered by the Glo network. So, it is only natural that you would want to know how to recharge your Glo line. This is also known as recharging your phone. A sim-card is almost useless if it does not have airtime or data subscription. Recharging your phone will enable you to make calls, send SMS and subscribe for a data plan to surf the internet.

How to recharge a Glo line line

It is quite easy to recharge a Glo line because Glo Mobile, being one of the top mobile network providers, has made it easier to recharge one’s phone. Here, you will learn easy steps to not only load Glo card but also to recharge Glo line using mobile banking and shortcode (USSD).

So let’s get down to it! There are three different ways to recharge your Glo phone. We have:

  1. Load Glo airtime from your mobile banking app
  2. Load Glo airtime through USSD code.
  3. Load Glo airtime through Glo recharge card

How to recharge Glo from your mobile banking app

  1. Open your mobile banking app
  2. Click on Airtime
  3. Select Glo network
  4. Choose your amount
  5. Input your mobile banking pin
  6. Viola! You will get an SMS of a debit transaction. However, depending on your mobile app, the process may slightly differ from the above but generally is intuitive

Code to load recharge Glo through USSD 

Each bank has its unique USSD code, however, I will be using First Bank Nigeria as a case study.

  1. Open your mobile phone
  2. At the dial pad, dial *894* amount# (to load airtime for yourself)
  3. If you want to send it to a friend you dial *894* amount* phone number#
  4. A dialogue box will pop up, where you will have to input your pin
  5. Viola! Wait for your debit alert to confirm the transaction

Note: The USSD for Zenith bank is *966# while that for Gtbank is *737#. As stated, every bank in Nigeria has its USSD for quick mobile transactions. If you do not know your bank’s USSD code, your bank’s customer care representatives can provide it for you.

Load Glo airtime with Glo recharge card

This is the most common way to recharge Glo airtime. Glo recharge cards are usually in the form of a scratch card pin or a paper with a 15-digit code, which you can buy from a Glo recharge card vendor. They are also commonly called Glo cards. To recharge your Glo using this method, you will have to purchase a prepaid Glo card containing the concealed 15-digit PIN and a unique serial number. The 15-digit code or PIN is usually concealed so the real buyers will enjoy the credit value of the airtime card.  So how do you load a Glo card?

How to load Glo card

  1. Buy a Glo recharge card from any nearby vendor
  2. Scratch gently to reveal the hidden 15-digit code
  3. Dial *123*PIN# e.g. *123*12345 6789 10112#
  4. Your Glo line will be credited to the recharge card value. You also receive an instant message confirming that your Glo line has been credited

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