Netflix confirm Money Heist release dates, but with a jaw dropping twist

Netflix has announced the release date of the much anticipated final season of Money Heist, but there is a twist that might knock fans off their stockings.

For more than three years, the intriguing story of a group of robbers led by the witty and calculating Professor has served fans breathtaking action season after season. The fourth season ended in a terribly wicked cliffhanger that left fans scratching their heads in anxiety.

It was announced last year that the widely loved Spanish series will be returning for it fifth and final season. Fans have been eagerly waiting ever since. Now, with the announcement of the release date, the wait seems to be over, however not entirely.

Alvaro Morte is the witty professor in Money Heist

Alongside a customary mouthwatering trailer, Netflix announced that the finale will come in two installments: Volume 1 and volume 2. Each volume will have 5 episodes each and will be released 3 months apart.

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Volume 1 is scheduled to arrive on September 3, and Volume 2 follows exactly three months later on December 3.

The official synopsis reads thus: “The gang has been shut in the Bank of Spain for over 100 hours. They have managed to rescue Lisbon, but their darkest moment is upon them after losing one of their own. The Professor has been captured by Sierra and, for the first time, doesn’t have an escape plan. Just when it seems like nothing else could go wrong, an enemy comes on the scene that is much more powerful than any they’ve faced: the army. The end of the greatest heist in history is approaching, and what began as a robbery will turn into a war.”

There is no gainsaying that it is literally about to go down. We expect the final saga to be as explosive as anyone can imagine. With the professor who is the brain behind the operation and who holds the entire team together having been captured. And the rest of the team still locked inside the bank after 100 hours, there is no predicting what will happen next. One thing we can be sure of is that, whatever is coming, it will be absolute chaos!

September can’t come sooner!

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