What Is The Point Of A Tailgate Pad

If you’re into mountain biking or are fond of it, you must be familiar with the term “tailgate pad”. Even if you have come across this term for the first time, getting to know about it will be a golden turn in your biking journey.

Mountain biking is crazy, no doubt, and it has gained popularity not only as a sport but also as a fun activity on a trip. But you stumble every time you attempt to commute your bike to and from the trailhead.

After all, it was not easy for you to get a bike and you have done everything to take care of it. So how can you risk your hard-earned bike to severe damage while transporting it to the trailhead? If you have been looking for a reliable and affordable solution, you should take advantage of a tailgate pad.

So what a tailgate pad is, why you must have your hands on one, and what is the point of using it? Keep reading through the article to learn what the hype is all about.

What is the purpose of a tailgate pad?

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As the name suggests, a ‘tailgate pad’ is a foam-filled pad that is thick enough to protect your bike against damage while your pickup truck is on a bumpy track. The tailgate pad is almost as large as the size of the truck’s tailgate.

Since your destination is a mountain, getting your bikes up there through the rough and bumpy tracks would not be risk-free. And no one in their right mind would simply leave their bike in the trunk to experience damage and cracks.

This is where a tailgate pad comes in. It is the easiest to install, quite affordable, and the most popular method of transporting mountain bikes. That is why it has taken over traditional transportation methods such as loading the bikes in a roof rack or simply strapping them down in the trunk. All these traditional methods involve high risk, while the tailgate pad has proven to be an awful alternative in all aspects.

The set-up of a tailgate pad

The thick tailgate pad is large and wide enough to cover the tailgate area of a truck. Tailgate pads come in different sizes. All you need is to choose the one that aligns with your particular vehicle. You can figure this out by simply taking the width measurement of your truck’s tailgate and finding the perfect match for it.

The tailgate pad rests folded over the tailgate of your pickup truck. While your bikes rest over the top tube of the tailgate pad with their front wheel and fork lying outside the pad. In this way, the bikes enjoy a trouble-free journey while you travel carefree.

Some models of tailgate pads offer extra straps to tie and hold the bikes in place so they may not fall off. While some models even have bumpers installed to keep the bikes from banging into one another.

A word on pricing and sizing

Race Face T2 Tailgate Pad on red truck
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One great point that tailgate pads have over traditional bike racks is that they cost much lower. If you buy a bike rack that can accommodate two to four bikes, it will at least cost you around $300. The price rises as you consider the ones with more capacity.

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Whereas, a tailgate pad costs around $125 to $150, that too with a higher capacity of carrying up to six bikes, ensuring safety and reliability as well.

As for sizing, you can choose between Standard (or small) and Large size pads. Mid-sized trucks are usually sufficed by a  standard or small-size tailgate pad. Whereas, heavy-duty or large-size trucks use large tailgate pads.


As a mountain biking nerd, the tailgate pad is like a life-changing hack for you. Now that you have enough information on why you need a tailgate pad, you can head on to purchase one for yourself.

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