Twitterville: Nigerians react to the idea of a Nigeria Police TV channel

The Nigerian Police is getting a TV channel and that’s commendable (or not?).


Yahoo Yahoo, Police Reorganizes Cyb...
Yahoo Yahoo, Police Reorganizes Cybercrime Units ~ OsazuwaAkonedo

It’s the 21st century and everyone knows that technology and information rule. So not surprising that the Nigerian Police is keying in with what we assume is aimed at improving the standard of service delivery in its core competencies. Think crime fighting and protection of the citizenry.


First, it was the launch of Hawk Eye, an app reporting app, which can be downloaded for free from Google Play. It has garnered an average of 4.0 star on review, not particularly bad but not impressive either. We would hope anything thing as serious as the intended aim of the should approximate a 5.0-star rating.




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Second, is the announcement that a TV broadcasting station is in the pipeline, with the project projected to hit the airwaves on the November 28, according to the Chairman/CEO of the Nigeria Police Broadcasting Service, Ediri Jerry Wesley. The CEO also said that the project “Will help to curb insecurity by prompt response to emergency situations.” Its focus are on four areas: TV, Radio, Online and an Emergency Control Centre.


The broadcasting station expected to employ about 5000 workers to be trained by fifty expatriates. Think “Professionals from CNN, BBC and other foreign media Organisations) for three years,” Mr. Wesley stated.


Unexpectedly Nigerians are bound to react to the developments, and where else than on Twitter? Here is a sample of what they say.





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