Seeking success? These simple 8 habits will get you guaranteed results

Are you in for success? Do you desire to become successful? Then, these habits are essential for you to form and practice.

1. Wake up early

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While so many of us use as much time as we can in the morning to sleep until we absolutely have to get up, successful people use the morning as a time to get things done. If you have to go to work, try waking up two or three hours earlier. This gives you enough time to wash up, eat a filling breakfast, and mentally and physically prepare for the day ahead of you.

“Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” – Ben Franklin


2. Plan your day the night before

You don’t want to wake up wandering up and down confused about where to start from. From what you will wear, to what to eat, where to go to first, who to attend, etc. Easy route, I call it ‘winning on paper first’, plan your day (I mean everything you intend doing today) the night before. With that, it becomes easy to just wake up and fit into your already spelt out plans. Success is deliberate.


3. Use your time wisely and stay focused

You don’t want to spend your time sitting still. Understand that every second that ticked by is a moment you’ll never get back. So, get in the habit of using your time to your advantage. No matter how little time you have between tasks, there’s always enough time to be productive in some way. Also, try to eliminate distractions whenever you have pressing matters to attend to. Learn to focus on one issue at a time, resolve it, and move on to the next big thing.


4. Learn to network

Learn to socialise. Go out! Make friends! Surround yourself with people of like minds, successful people. Think of the last time you were introduced to someone new: Did meeting him/her change your life in any way? Did you have anything to offer him/her? Forge beneficial relationships. Seek out others who have mutual interests, ideas, and skills to help you to expand your own ideas and abilities.


5. Be an ardent reader

The most successful people in the world love to read. They often use there time to read about something new. And they don’t read drivel, either. Read to learn and expand your perspective on issues. Reading helps people stay current and informed, and because of this, successful people are able to stay on top of trends and ideas. So read!


6. Take risks

Do you want to be successful right? Then, you have to learn how to stretch your comfort zones as much as possible. Successful people are not afraid to put themselves “out there,” even if they run the risk of failure. They embrace vulnerability because they know that without taking a risk, they will never get further in life.


7. Work smart

When it comes to success, you have to work smartOne habit you have to learn for success is to work smarter, not just harder. Find the easiest way to go about a task while maintaining excellent performance, which in turn saves resources for other tasks. Working too hard will lead to burnout and an ineffective use of time. Don’t work like a jackass. If you get exhausted, rest, rejuvenate, refresh yourself, then get back on track.


8. Learn from people you admire

Of course, we have mentors, role models, people who inspire us in one way or the other. These are people that have gone ahead of you or excels in a particular area of life you are pursuing. For you to admire them, it means there is something about them that turns you on. Then, learn those things and inculcate them in your life.

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  2. i agree with everything except the early waking ish… It’s not wether you wake up early or late, successful people do not just sleep for so long because they plan while others are asleep. So if i wake up by 9 and someone wakes up by 5, it does not change anything. We all have different types of job. Waking up is so relative.


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