Video: Ruggedman talks cautioning Naira Marley – ‘There are rules we all have to abide by’

Veteran Nigerian rapper, Ruggedman has been under fire from different quarters following the arrest and subsequent arraignment of fellow entertainer, Naira Marley by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Naira Marley was arrested on suspicion of internet fraud colloquially known as yahoo yahoo. Prior to his arrest, he had been vocal about his support of internet fraudsters. Ruggedman, however, had cautioned him about his statements. And unsurprisingly, the EFCC got involved to investigate, arrested Naira Marley and other suspects for questioning. He was subsequently charged to court on suspicion of internet fraudulent activities.

As it were, some people have been accusing Ruggedman to have played an active part in the arrest of Naira Marley. The veteran rapper has, however, continued to deny being involved in the arrest and emphatically maintains his innocence saying he had nothing to do with it.

In a new video he released, Ruggedman has once again restated that he has nothing to do with the arrest of Naira Marley. According to him, he “commented and cautioned him as he would do on a normal day, from senior colleague to a junior colleague… because I can see what he was saying was not going to go well with a lot of people especially the authorities. And that’s why I did what I did. It’s life, we all make mistakes. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes.

Ruggedman also says if he knew things would get this nad, he wouldn’t have said some of the things he said like joking about his arrest and that he was happy Naira Marley was arrested. He also expressed some hope that Naira had learned from his own mistakes about what not to say on social media.

Ruggedman also notes that Naira Maira does not need “negative vibes” from people. “What he needs right now is his family, some serious support people around him and a very, very good lawyer.

“[I] wish him the best and I wish everybody learns from this that we need to be guarded on the things we do and say. Because whether you are a musician or not, there are laws, there are rules and regulations we all have to abide by.

“Whether the government is helping or not helping, doesn’t mean we break rules because we still have (an) authority to keep everybody in check.”

Ruggedman also expressed the with that Naira Marley “comes out this well. I will him luck. I wish everybody luck, he concludes.

It would be recalled that during Naira Marley’s first arraignment in court, he plead not guilty to the 11 count charges in regards to cybercrime.

In a statement, the EFCC alleged they found a laptop on the singer that had incriminating evidence and Naira Marley has since denied knowledge of the laptop saying it belongs to a friend and was not his own.

Naira Marley is set to appear in court today for his bail hearing.

Watch the clip below:


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