Twitter user narrates a new method used by criminals to dupe people at ATM

A distress Nigeria lady has narrated how she was duped by hoodlums into parting with N15,000.00 at an ATM centre.


It is a story that makes one wonder at the ingenuity of criminals.

It is also a story that could harden one against helping random strangers in need of help because come to think of it, how can one differentiate between the sheep and the wolf in sheep clothing?

As narrated by Twitter user @Oscaranking, she was at an ATM to withdraw some cash when she was approached by a stranger. The stranger wanted someone to transfer cash into their account in exchange for cash.

It was a plausible story – it happens all the time – when you have cash but for some reasons need the money in electronic form.

The lady agreed to help out, after all, she was at the ATM to collect cash and being a good Samaritan, she gave the fraudster the 15K he requested.

But maybe, just maybe she might have asked for the cash first before she made the transfer but she was overly trusting or naive, hence this narrative.

Back to the story. On following the criminal to his car to collect her money, the man who was working hand in hand with an accomplice brought his head out of the car’s window and shouted at her “Welcome to Lagos“, and zoomed off.

What a terrible thing to do! We could only imagine how dazed the poor lady must have felt.

She ended her tweet with a rhetorical question, which no doubt has been asked all through the ages: “why do bad things happen to good people?”, she wants to know.


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