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Minion memes: 35 ironic, funny, mum, Facebook, love memes 2021 PLUS how to create your own minions

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I know we’ve all seen our yellow banana friends with big eyes, sometimes double, sometimes single like a cyclops and usually speaking gibberish or their language. Minions are all over the internet, adverts, trailers, and of course are the reason why minion memes exist. While we’ve gotten accustomed to these cute banana-like creatures called minions, do we really know them? Yes, they are cute, adorable, squishy and sponge-looking, and horribly clumsy. However, do we really know who or what they are? Where they come from? Well stick around, we shall give you that and so much more; including funny minion memes, minion memes mothers can relate to, and much more, do enjoy!

Minion Meaning

The word Minion denotes underlings, loyal servants, and disciples of a person, usually an evil person… Whhatttt? (An ominous ghost soundtrack plays in the background).

Minions originated from the American computer-animated comedy film franchise “Despicable Me”.  They are yellow, banana-like short/dwarf characters, who serve as the clumsy and mischievous henchmen for the super-villain and the protagonist of the movie “Gru”, which premiered in 2010. The Minions have since taken the world by storm appearing in trailers, short videos, advertisements and minion memes. They have become the hallmark of the popular film franchise “Despicable Me”. Hence, in 2015, a full-length spin-off prequel film debuted, which centred on the lives of the Minions.

What are memes?

Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins reportedly  coined the word “meme” (in his bestselling 1976 book, “The Selfish Gene”. He used the word meme to describe an idea, behavior or style that rapidly spreads from person to person in a culture. In “The Selfish Gene” book, he likened the meme’s ability to spread to that of a virus.

Hence, a meme can be understood as an image that has in itself cultural symbols, social ideas usually embellished with text, which is virally transmitted. A meme simply is an image with a text or sometimes a quote that carries in it a meaning peculiar to a particular culture or social context. For instance, a meme about how Nepa (PHCN or EKDC) and their disappointing electricity supply will make more sense in Nigeria than in the USA, where there’s mostly constant if not uninterrupted power supplies. Hence, memes are a social construct.

Memes can be grouped into the nature of the picture or image that goes viral. A meme can be a cartoon meme, picture meme, anime meme, etc. Minions characters from a cartoon will be grouped under the Cartoon memes. Further down in this article, you will find examples of different minion memes, such as funny minion memes, ironic minion memes, moms minion memes, Facebook minion memes and love minion memes.

Origin of the Minion Memes

Here look at the major events that led to the widespread of minion memes, why they appeared and continue to adorn our feeds on almost all social media platforms.

The Minions were first introduced as underlings and a clumsy squadron of Despicable Me film’s supervillain Gru. He, himself, had a snorting nose and an endearing character. The Minions, thought to be evil or at least despicable as they serve an evil purpose, were however cute, funny, clumsy, and endearing. Hence, the audience and filmgoers fell in love with these cuties with an unending crush on bananas. Upon the premiere of “Despicable Me” in 2010, the film garnered mostly positive reviews and a chain of curiosity as to the origin of these minions and where they came from. How come they only exist to serve evil purposes/masters? Hence, the second instalment of the film in which the Minions featured as the major character, looks to answer fans’ curiosity.

Although “Despicable Me” was released in 2010, the search term “Minion meme” did not get popular until July of 2013 when “Despicable Me 2” was released to the public. Thereafter, companies, especially Comcast who owned Universal Studios, launched a worldwide campaign in which the minions were featured in almost all nature and manner of advertisement; from health to diet to wellbeing to shampoos, all products you can imagine. Even motivational quotes were not left out. At this point, it was only a matter of time before Minion memes littered the internet.

Top 10 funny Minion memes 2021

  1. Chasing my dream

Well, so you know when people say some stuff but mean something else like when someone says they “would literally die” if they don’t eat that Chicken kebab! Even though they used the word literally, it still does not mean they want to die over a piece of chicken wing, they were just exaggerating. However, it gets funny when in situations like this we take the literal meaning of such contentious words… Check this out!

Minion Memes

2. Magnetos

We are all familiar with the “X-Men” movies/installations and the sometimes evil-doer and supervillain Magneto, who uses his mind to control iron? Well, some of us are just as harmless as a Chihuahua but inside our mind resides dark webs of gruesome fantasies. Most of us have taken over the world in our minds, built an evil empire, and even released so many nuclear nukes on earth… Well, I’m just glad they are all in our heads!
Funny Minion memes

3. Annoying friend

Well, we all have that one friend we wish we can slap or reset their brain back to its factory setting. Even better, how about hitting that friend so hard even the most powerful search engine in the world won’t find him or her. Well, this Minion meme got you covered.

4. Cereal Killer

Yeah, pun intended. This is one of the most funny and well thought out Minion memes out there. This is as good as it gets…

Cereal Killer meme

5. The Missed Call

Yeah, this one caused me a few cracked ribs. It is funny and smart, kind of what I love to see in most memes and just all about the ridiculous.

The Missed Call funny minion meme

6. Fall in Love

You will literally fall in love with this funny Minion meme. It starts slow, you can’t actually tell where it is heading to but boom, you are on the floor rolling.

Falling in love funny Minion meme

7. Push/Pull

I still don’t get it, why would those entire big fancy doors bear those push and pull signs? Like I can’t struggle through the gymnastics of academics, backflips, and somersaults that is today’s economy, and still have difficulty opening a door? Get over here if you’ve done this before!

push/pull funny Minion memes

8. Taste my Knuckle

Statistics hold that the major reason for most break-ups and domestic fights is because most times, a partner will take hours crafting lovely text messages for his/her better half and then just gets a reply from the darkest pit of hell; “Ok” And that’s it. Somebody should just hold me!

Taste my Knuckle funny minion meme

9. Evil Minion

Well, I just have to tag this particular meme as evil. Imagine the worst prank you can think of, now multiply that by a 100th fold. You still won’t be able to match the reaction of how evil this meme is. Take a look at it:

Funny Evil minion meme

10. A Minion poem

What’s the perfect way to end the funny minion meme list other than on a cute crazy evil minion poem? Enjoy!

Funny Minion meme

Top five ironic minion memes of 2021

These are what I call the “wait… what effect” such as when you read a text, maybe the alphabets A-Z that seems so innocent, and then when it hits you. I mean when the true meaning of the text hits you, you’ll be like “wait… what?” So let’s get done with it.

1. A Vegan Zombie

Ever met a zombie that hates meat? One that prefers to eat grass, earthworms, and grubs? Have you actually met a zombie? Well, I haven’t. Anyway, imagine a zombie that loves brains and on the hunt for one. But it sees you and bypasses you? Well, don’t sweat, it might just have turned vegan!

vegan zombie ironic minion meme

2. A Man’s Face

Men are cute, with a well-chiselled body and a square face. Dark curly hair drooling loosely on the forehead with blues and an intense stare. This is how many men see themselves. But how does a woman see a man?

man's face ironic minion meme

3. Best Cook

Nothing like a finger-licking dish and a loud cheer for a well “roasted dinner”.

best cook ironic minion meme

4. Home Workout ironic minion meme

When I tell people I seriously workout at home. This is what I mean.

home work out ironic minion meme

5. Crazy ironic minion meme

When they said one should embrace oneself. I just smile… “Been there done that” (rolls eyes).

ironic minion meme

Top 10 Mom Minion memes 2021

1. Distance learning

Don’t fall for it! The only reason your parents sent you to school is to get rid of you. Don’t you dare fall for that trick. They want to send you off so that they can have the house to themselves. They think you’re a nuisance, a rascal and so they packaged you and sent you to a glorified orphanage. Boom! Right-back in their face. Here comes distance learning, you can all stay together like one big happy family and learn… Teachers probably get the best end of the carrot stick
distance learning mom minion memes

2. Love Mum

Well, no kidding we all love our mums so much we always run to them when we need stuff, when we are looking for stuff, heck even when we can’t remember our birthdays. But dads well… where the heck is my mum? Check this out and rate how true it is!

Minion memes about mum

3. Mum Hack

So what’s the fastest way to get the children down? Well, that will just be the mobile hotspot. Turn that beautiful technology on and watch the children rush you for the password… True?

human hack mom minion memes

4. Raising Kids

I know most moms out there just wish there was a manual for raising kids – something they can easily read and apply practically and the kids will turn out fine. Well, luckily there’s none, it is just crazy stuff out there. Here’s what this Minion has to say about this.

Mum minion meme

5. Human Search Engine

No cap! If there was nothing like Google, Yahoo! or all these search engines. And you were looking for something, you can legit ask your mom and she definitely will help you find it!

human search engine mom minion memes

6. Terrorist Mom minion memes

Let’s face it, children are terrorists – little sacks of atomic bombs waiting to go off at any moment. Just dare to look away for a moment and then – boom! Now, imagine who trains these terrorists? It must definitely be a supervillain! Or well, in this case, a superhero. Here’s what this Minion has to say about our super cool moms!

Minion memes for moms

7. Boomerang

Sometimes, we just have to watch what we say because it might just come swinging back. Moms are just super; after they raise our terrorist selves, they also raise our little terrorist cubs. Here’s how!

boomerang mom minion memes

8. Bad Habits

Let’s be real no one enjoys doing chores. Not even moms! Is it not beautiful how we grow up learning how to use gadgets, laptops and phones even without being taught? On the other hand, it takes a persistent amount of scolding, shouting, and sometimes a good old spanking to learn how to pick up a broom! Well, let’s see if this Minion agrees with us.

bad habits mom minion memes

9. May Day

Help! Help! One child is down. Trust me, you’re going to need an ambulance and an emergency unit if you dare miss your mother’s call. In fact, don’t even let the call beep more than once. More than once or you get a scolding. Now, imagine you missed your mother’s call and worst if your mother happens to be an African. Well, you better not be coming back home that day.

May day mom minion memes

10. A big Shout Out mom minion meme

What’s the best way to end this crazy list than to give a big shout out to all the moms out there? You all are amazing! The world is better because we have you. Cheers to our moms!

Cheer moms mom minion memes

Top five love minion memes of 2021

Hey! Don’t get all mushy on me. This is not just about your regular cosy kind of love, the kissing the romantic texting and I love you at night and all. This is the weird awkward stuff. This is a yellowish banana-like, minion-loving kind of stuff. So, are you ready?

1. I love you with my butt

Yeah, you heard correct! With my butt! Because that’s the biggest and cutest part of my minion body.
Top five minion love meme

2. Banana

Just as Gollum from the Lord of the Rings loves his ring does a Minion loves his banana. I love you more than just rings and bananas… (Hey, before you copy this sleek line, you will have to pay! Genius like us don’t just lay about… We are rare!)

3. How Idiots Love

Do you know the saying, “love is blind?” However, what they fail to let you know is that love is foolish. Love defies logic, nothing makes sense when you’re in love. I mean you don’t even care if nothing makes sense. What remains is just a burning desire to be foolish around that person that makes you feel fluffy inside.
love minion memes

4. Love is Crazy

Love is crazy. You just have to be in it to experience it. It is not something one can explain with words, illustration, or an apparatus like a scientific phenom. Love is high, love is low, love is fire, love is ice, love is two opposite poles and you and I are at the centre. (God, I’m good! I deserve a Nobel laureate for all this line I am spitting).

love is crazy

5. Mua!

This is for our readers and audience. We love you all! Keep winning!

Top five Facebook Minion memes

Below are some of the most famous Facebook memes that at one point in time rocked not only Facebook but also other social handles. So here are our top five Facebook Minion memes

1. Don’t Grow Up

Please whatever you do, don’t you dare grow up! It is a trap. I say it is a trap, don’t fall for it. From getting an allowance from your parents to having your launch dinner, WiFi, water, and electricity all sorted out. Do you want to spend all your life span figuring out how to live and cope with all these? Just don’t grow up

Facebook minion memes

2. Silence is Golden

You just have to be careful with what you say, especially, when arguing with a woman because it just does not end there. At night, when maybe you want to get some rest and before you can switch off the light, boom! You are arrested by a comment you must have made 10 years ago. Yeah is that bad!

3. Self-love Facebook meme

Well, you just got to love and dig yourself; nobody will do that for you. Trust this Minion.

4. Frozen

Ok… This got me really cracked up. You know all these noises about farts; how to keep it in, when not to let it go, and all that. Well, the song from the movie/animation Frozen gives us the best way to go about this dilemma.

Facebook minion meme

5. Motivation Facebook meme

Well, at the end of our Facebook memes list is a good old motivation for us. If you’re feeling down or you are in this dark phase in your life. Maybe you just don’t know how to go on anymore nor why you should go on anymore. Well, just listen to what this minion has to say and you may feel alright.

And because we love the good stuff here’s our own Top 2020 memes everyone can relate to

I hate minions

Well like they say, whatever that has an advantage will, of course, have a disadvantage. So well, whatever is loved by most people some people will also hate it. It is the balance of the world, the Yin and Yang in Chinese mythology. So while Minions have been used in so many motivational quotes, well-being quotes, products, health, etc. In fact, in almost all human activity, there is a Minion quote or meme about it. It is, I believe, this intrusive quality, this all-purpose meme that has irked many people.

A  couple of typical examples of this anti-fandom or I hate minions memes or posts are shown below.

I hate minion

What is most annoying or what some people hate about minion memes is that oftentimes, the pictures of the minion themselves do not in any way match or suit the words contained in it, the idea behind the picture is completely lost on the minion. This is because some people would use any Minion image without considering whether the minion picture actually conveys what they want to express. Consider the Minion picture used above, a Minion with a boxing glove will definitely have made more sense than a Minion carrying a bouquet of a very ugly flower?

Also, another example of a misguided minion quote is shown in the meme below. One might wonder at the relationship between the quote and a minion in a maid outfit. Why would anyone wish to be in a wheelchair in the first place?

How to create your own minion memes

There are so many ways and so many websites where you can create your own minion meme, however, the basic remains the same. During a cool evening of inspiration, get a minion picture that suits what you have in mind, and write the right words to go with the image. That’s it, you have your very own customised minion meme.

Below, I am going to drop a step by step guide of creating your very own Minion meme with the Canva mobile or web app.

How to create a Minion meme using Canva

Step 1: Download the Canva mobile app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. You can also visit canva.com to use the web app. Canva is one of the best photo editor apps out there for creating images, logos, flyers, gif, short video, and more. You will need to register/sign up to use the app.

Step 2: Here, we want to be as original as possible. We don’t want to be met by any copyright lawsuit. So, get your own Minion picture yourself! How?

Simply download or watch the movie/trailers on YoutTube or other video sharing app. While watching the movie, take a screenshot of your funny scene or picture that represents the kind of Minion meme you have in mind. Here’s mine!

How to create a minion meme

Step 3: Open your Canva app and search for “meme”. This will bring out a blank meme template for you to see to work on.

Step 4: Upload your very own Minion picture. The one you screenshotted earlier (Step 2). To upload the image, click on the “Plus sign” (+) on the draft board. Select “Gallery”. Go to the folder (usually the screenshot folder) where the picture is saved and select it.

How to create a minion meme


Step 5: Adjust your picture to fill up the meme pixel settings and leave a space where you will add your text.

Step 6: Click on the plus sign again. Select “Text”. Write your inspired text or quote with any font of your choice and click to add.

Step 7: Now, you’re done simply click on “Save”. The “Save” button which is located at the top right-hand corner of your phone.

That’s it done and dusted; you have your very own customised minion meme ready to infiltrate the social space.

Check out our new Minion meme!


Finally, Minions, no doubt, are adorable yellow, short-sized clumsy but in a cute kind of way creatures, which if used rightly and properly in a meme, can cheer, motivate and liven a person’s mood. It is trying to shove in unrelated words that usually makes it a blow-off. That can be odd and awkward.

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