Man claims he accidentally shot wife during sex

A husband accused of killing his wife said she died after his gun accidentally went off as he carried out a sex act on her in the garage.

John Fitzgerald Gonzalez, 53, was arrested after his wife Nicole, 41, was found dead having been shot at the stomach. The incident happened Thursday 16 November 2017  at the deceased home in Clark County, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

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When quizzed by the police Gonzalez said he had been pleasuring Nicole when she tugged at his gun and it accidentally went off. He immediately contacted the police, who on arrival found Nicole on the ground next to her vehicle with a gunshot wound.

She was pronounced dead at St Rose Dominican Hospital at about 8.45 am the same day.

An arrest report seen by the Las Vegas Review-Journal stated it wasn’t known whether the sex was consensual or whether it was coerced by force or threats of force.

The newspaper also found Clark County family records that confirmed Nicole had filed for divorce seven weeks earlier, prompting Gonzalez to leave their home

But according to his arrest report, he told police Nicole had recently wanted to get back together.

He also claimed they had an appointment with her lawyer later that day to cancel divorce proceedings. They married in 2010.

In another bizarre explanation, the husband also stated he was carrying two guns with him because he was paranoid about being ambushed. He said he held the gun by the grip and pulled the trigger when she tugged the gun toward her.

Police said they “found his excuse for having brought the gun and keeping it by him during sex implausible.” They also stated they were sceptical of his description of how she reached for the gun.

Metro Lt Dan McGrath at the time of the incident stated the police were “still establishing how this woman came to be shot in her garage.”

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  2. I just dont understand what this oga is saying Oh.
    First she tugged at his gun and it went off
    Then she turned it towards her as he pulled the trigger

  3. This one is sick ohh…Proper investigation should be carried out, because I just can’t fathom how he shot his wife during love making.


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