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Love doctor Joro Olumofin advice to single ladies: Don’t get married until you started earning at least N150K monthly

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Ever heard about Joro Olumofin? He is a love doctor quite known for his unconventional relationship and love post on social media.

Joro, as he is popularly called, is also known for controversial relationship topics on Instagram and has garnered respect from individuals; dishing out opinions and advice on relationships.

This time around he is advising single ladies not to consider getting married if they earn less than N150,000.00 monthly as a salary. The love doctor stated that his advice is based on his years as a relationship counsellor arguing that the practice will enhance a lady’s sense of security.

Olumofin also claims that a lot of married women are unhappy in their homes and scared to leave due not having financial security.

Read his post:

“If you’re a single lady and you’re not earning at least N150,000 a month you shouldn’t be thinking about marriage yet. This is for your own security & sanity in marriage.

“Based on hundreds of emails I receive daily from posters. I’ve noticed a trend in behaviour: Commitment before finances.

“Most ladies go into marriage with the hopes that the man will take care of everything. Some even see marriage as their way out of responsibilities such as paying bills, etc.

“A lot of married women are unhappy in their homes but can’t leave because they are not independent, some don’t even have transport money to go back to their parents’ house.

“Secure the bag first.”

So you heard it, ladies. From a certified love doctor currently studying a PhD in psychology. Secure the bag first!

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