Love alone cannot save your marriage – Toke Makinwa declares

Toke Makinwa would have fans know that love, friendship and communication are key to long-lasting marriage.

Toke stated this in the latest upload of her vlog episode, Toke Moments, which she titled Break Up/Make Up Arrrrghhhhh!. She enlisted the help of a fellow OAP, Bosun, to discuss the interesting topic.

Bosun opines that societal pressure, family and friends are sometimes the reason as sometimes people get married just because other people had gotten married.

Toke mentions that love should be a key ingredient in a relationship and that physical attractions alone do not cut it. and that friendship and communication are important as well.

Bosun chirps in that he has witnessed a situation where love alone isn’t enough. “Love didn’t actually help. It wasn’t enough,” he says.

Toke appears to agree, saying: “Love is nice. It helps the relationship to better over time. Love is what keeps you guys together even when you feel like ‘I want to kill this person.’ So love helps life to be a bit easier.”

Not forgetting money, of course. Bosun thinks “money will make that love blossom more.”

Toke also touches on parents lying about expectations to their kids and not telling them the truth about how marriage can be tough and have “good days and bad days.

Toke and Bosun also have something to say about couples staying in their marriages for the sake of their children. In Bosun’s opinion, “leave if you are not happy in your marriage.”

Toke advises against hinging one’s happiness on other people. “It’s such a huge task and a huge responsibility, she says, adding: “(if) you cannot do that for yourself, don’t walk around expecting someone to fulfil you when you don’t feel fulfilled on your own.”

That was not all, they also touch on other pertinent points including compromising, communication, understanding and the issue of men calling women gold diggers.

Catch the whole episode and share your opinion in the Comments box below.

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