Have faith: Don’t ever give up on yourself

No matter what life brings to the table, no matter what may seem to be happening, never give up on yourself nor lose faith. It is not and will never be an option.

Sometimes, we feel like giving up just because things are not working the way we wanted it to. We are so downcast like the world is crashing on us and we feel like our life is not working anymore.

Decibel Peak // Trial By Fire (feat...
Decibel Peak // Trial By Fire (feat. Tribal Trance)

It can be that, you have reached a point in your life where you feel like giving up on everything. You feel like giving up on yourself. Because no matter what you do, you never manage to make it right.

You never manage to get things right. You never manage to keep your promises; you go back to the same old bad habits over again. You never manage to hit the target no matter how many shots you take. You’re never who you want to be or how you want to be.

At this point, you become over overwhelmed with the whole situation.  And all you want to do is to just fall flat on your back and give up the fight. You just want to throw in the towel. After all, you didn’t gain anything from the fight other than hurts and pains.

I’ve been there. But I refused to quit because I wasn’t a quitter, so I held on.

Have faith in yourselfThe best thing to do in times like this is to find your own strength. By this I mean, that one thing that can transfuse strength, energy or a laughter into you once you remember it. That one thing that will keep you going. It could be your family. It could be your faith and spirituality. It could be those who you care about the most. It could be the idea of inspiring someone else.

Whatever it is, let it help pick you up when you’re about to give up on yourself.

To me personally, it’s the faith in God. For you, it maybe something else. Find your own strength and let it guide you. Let it pick you up when giving up on yourself seems the best option.

The worst mistake you can ever make in your life is giving up on yourself. Giving up only makes you a failure. Remember, you are responsible for your life and for the choices you make.

So what do you do? Get up. Dust off. Do something. And never ever lose faith in yourself, believe in yourself, because you’re capable of so much more than you can ever imagine.

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