For the first time, Prince Harry and girlfriend Meghan Markle are seen together in public

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made their first public appearance as a couple, side by side at the Invictus Games tennis match.


(The Telegraph). Meghan Markle and Prince Harry held hands as they walked onto the court in the middle of Toronto. The actress, wearing a white shirt and sunglasses, sat next to the Prince on folding chairs at the side of court. It is their first appearance together, following the Invictus Games opening ceremony which saw them sit apart.


Ms Markle slotted into her public duties immediately, making conversation with children at the court side and applauding the tennis match in front of her. The couple sat with their heads close together as they watched the on-court action, leaning in to speak in one another’s ears. The Prince appeared to be explaining the finer points of wheelchair tennis, pointing around the court as they discussed the New Zealand vs Australia game.


Positioned in a shady spot on the court, they were watched by hundreds of fans who had expected to see Prince Harry on his own. The couple finally left the court after around half an hour, casually holding hands and smiling to well-wishers around them.They also made time to speak to competitors’ families, laughing with the children and admiring an inflatable kangaroo.

Kylie Lawler, whose husband Sean played for the Australian team, said she had learned they would be joined by the Prince just half an hour before the couple appeared on court.

She said: “They seemed at home with each other, very easy to talk to.

We’d met Harry before, when he came to Sydney, so we were talking mostly about the events and what he thought of the game.

She said hi. She was excited to be here and lovely. They seemed awesome. “He’s just a normal person, the most down-to-earth.”
Asked if there had been any mention of the couple’s future, she confirmed: “There was no wedding talk at all.”

Her sons Bailey, ten, and Oliver, eight, gave Harry and Meghan a toy koala each to take home.

They said thank you,” said Bailey. “They were really nice.”

Mrs Lawler said she had changed Bailey’s t-shirt before Harry arrived, so he looked clean in the pictures before they spread around the world.

I missed half the game because we were chitting chatting,” she said. “I don’t think my husband will forgive me.”

Meghan Markle was in the crowd for the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games last week. She made her long-awaited first appearance at an official event attended by Harry when she took her seat for the Invictus Games opening ceremony at the weekend, but was seated a few rows down and more than a dozen seats away from her partner.



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